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Groundhog Day: Will We Finally Flip Our Switch?

As we begin a new year according to the Hebrew calendar we also can ponder the idea that reminds us that creation is born.

Do we realize we are pregnant?

The world continues to spiral out of control as the chaos continues. Things are quiet and just when we think all is well, we begin to realize the onset of familiar discomfort, which quickly escalates to an even higher level of intensity as the pangs tighten up like a fist and then relax once again. With a vengeance, the sharpness of pain, unbearable, now even closer than the last, thrusts itself into the body with increased, fiercer magnitude.

It is a time to be defined.

As the Earth revolves around the sun we are constantly moving in a new direction that has never existed before. We are constantly changing and evolving but what for?

We are learning the identity of man.

We are creating ourselves.

We are beginning to understand the duality that we are in. We are seeing how we are created in an image. Everything has a reflection. Now we are learning balance.

The lowest frequency is darkness. We begin ourselves there. Religion and spirituality mirror each other in an equally, opposite complement. The closer they are equally balanced the closer Heaven meets Earth — These are the birth pangs…

Everything has been in darkness, but we are beginning to see the light.

We have been making pathways to knowing the self: This is our brain.

We have been understanding what is right through a feeling: This is our heart.

Too much of one or the other keeps us in darkness. Everything must become balanced.

All things that complement are in an image and therefore need to be balanced.

Evil vs good,
Darkness vs light,
Physical vs spiritual,
Ego vs God,
Man vs woman,
Jews vs gentiles,
Unconsciousness vs consciousness.

Flipping the Switch

When we love the other, we see and are awake! The curse from the beginning of time is broken.

Adam is Eve, Eve is Adam, and both now stand together face to face.

We all have our path to knowing God, but we all came from the same place and we all were created by the same God. We are the image of God, the man, and the woman from the very beginning of time.

We are in this all together. I am you and you are me. What I do to you affects me and vise versa.

The game has always been to have faith in those who know more, but today only have faith in those who love more.

Love reveals our Creator in Heaven. Loving the other defines who we are. When we make love to one another our child is born — I see Him in you and you see Him in me.

Let us be mindful to love since love is who we really are.

That is how we end the madness of repeating every year the same. We break free from being oppressed by our individual selves when we learn to do the opposite and learn to love the other.

Make the switch and let us start really living!

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