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[BOOK REVIEW] C’mon, Man!

Taking on the Challenges Faced by Men

5 Star Read ★★★★★


Chris’ words come directly from his heart as he openly shares his own personal experiences to support the reader to identify that they are not alone. He gives a breakdown of advice, from the man’s perspective, to help one cope with the challenges of life.

Chris’ honesty and humour make self-help reading an enjoyable experience. Every chapter has questions for further thought and reflection. From beginning to end, Chris helps the reader organize themselves to prioritize their values in a healthier, balanced way.

As a woman, I realize that we all can learn from this book. Each concept can help all of us identify with ourselves better, cope with the struggle, and achieve better relationships with our friends, family, and careers. This is a great book for anyone who is tired and wants to take action against the feeling of being defeated by life.

Chris is the guy who really wants to help you!

Chris desires for all of us to identify with our true selves by addressing all our good and bad parts in a very real way. Chris is so relatable that there is no condemnation or judgment. Chris provides a safe place for you to learn and grow.

Chris is a man of faith, with a Christian background. His principles are supported by his faith in God. I believe what makes Chris special is due to his selfless desire and ability to connect to you — He just wants to understand and help others.

I encourage you to connect with Chris and read his book TODAY!


I enjoyed hearing about “the man.” Especially, from a man who really has it together. Chris is married and has two daughters. Knowing a bit about Chris, I realize what an authentic guy he is. He also has a lovely family who is actively involved in church activities. Chris went from having a career in construction to doing a full 180 and is now a successful author, speaker, and counselor. Chris is very giving of himself as he tries to identify with the other. He loves people and genuinely wants to connect.

Start that healing process to finding a better you TODAY!

Chris Robinson lives in Flower Mound, Texas. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Summit Counseling.



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