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The Awareness of You

If you are depressed then you are struggling to understand a deeper part of yourself that is the opposite of depression. God reveals Himself in an image. We reveal our true selves through an image because we are the image of God. We can understand who we truly are if we are trying to understand who God is. If we seek to understand God then God will reveal to ourselves who our true self is in the image of God.

God is Absolute Love

There is a lot of negativity in the world, which is a reflection of our individual self that does not understand love. Who we are inside is what we believe and understand. Eventually what we believe becomes known on the outside. If we are thinking negative things then negative things will happen to ourselves.

We are expressions of who we are (what we believe) whether it is good or bad.

Making the Switch

When we become aware of God who is outside of our self that we would like to know, then we become aware of the duality that we are in. Duality is our wheel that keeps us going. It wakes us up in the morning and drives us to that next place.

Opposition is driving us.

God is outside of ourselves that we are trying to understand to bring Him inside of ourselves.

The struggle is within each of ourselves first. When we become aware or desire to want to become aware of why we struggle that is when we find ourselves. That is when we realize that we are in a struggle with duality. At first, the struggle is profound as we resist the thing that is opposing us, but we have to resist being stagnant.

We Have to Fight

For instance, if my struggle is depression, I have to understand what is driving my depression because I continue to act in some sort of negative way that continues to keep me stuck in my depression. My behaviour is destructive that I am aware of but I have become complaisant and allow it to oppress me. I am frustrated as I am my own worst enemy that is ruining my relationships, my careers, my health, and my life!

Start Small

If I do not want to get up in the morning and want sleep all day, then I have to push against this force (as I know it is negative and not true to who I want to be). I need to do the opposite.

First, define what the struggle is and then choose an action that is positive against the struggle.

We have to be aware of what is oppressing us and then desire to make a positive change against it.

Some of us are very oppressed. That is because things from all the way back from our childhood oppresses us. If we have not confronted our past negativity that has oppressed us then there may be layers and layers of negativity buried that needs to be found and dealt with.

Assess yourself carefully. You are becoming aware of yourself. Start unraveling who you really are by first dealing with the first layer. As you become stronger, unpeel the next… then the next and then the next.

When you are aware of your negative behaviour that is causing you to be depressed, sad, angry, hateful, or whatever the negative behaviour is; it is important that you specifically pinpoint where those feelings of negativity stem from and confront it in an honest, direct, way by replacing it with a positive action.

It is okay that we have bad and good feelings because we cannot help how we feel. But we can control how we react to how we are feeling. Negative feelings become oppressive either to ourselves or each other if we do not confront dealing with them in a positive way.

Being driven in a negative way is not who we truly are.

God, desires that we know Him and are aware of Him. When we become aware of God, we become aware of love, and discover that love is who we are. We are meant to act out in all the attributes of love as God is love for us to truly be our happiest and discover who we really are.

I just love the way this poem video turned out. It is about my awareness, my awaking moment. I am in love with God. I hope you will like this poem too, The Messenger.

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