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God is so Romantic, Don’t You Think?

I realized something today, we are all her. For a bit there I was seeing her as the outcast and the one who is not accepted, like me, a Gentile. But, truthfully, we are all her that is in exile. We are all an outcast trying to find our way back to that perfect garden.

No one is better than the other.

The Garden

I looked at the Jews as being more like the man, as I am in love with the man, especially the man who loves God. But I see now that the man is God in Heaven that I am trying to find here on Earth. So, the man is you but the man is also me. The man is the path that takes us back to the garden as we are all walking there together. We need each other to make sure that we do not sway off of that path.

The Map

Each one of us has a piece of the map to this garden because God created us all. So, all of us are heading that way now, all of the Jews and the Gentiles are heading back to that garden. This makes up Israel and all those lost nations, which is the entire world because we all are lost.

God spoke to you and me differently.

Our relationship is like a man or a woman, but we have to understand who we are first between God and our individual selves to be able to put all things into balance.

Together, we help one another to see God’s absolute truth. Through our divine love for one another a child is born – Messiah, who I see in you and you see in me. We equally partner to bring Messiah here on Earth through our deep, divine, love from God.

That is when we all see God is here on Earth.

The woman’s crown is on her man.

God is so romantic, don’t you think?

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