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The Image of God

There has to be an opposite image to creation. That is because we are created as an image, so everything physical is in an image. The physical is actually our darkness, but we need the physical and the darkness to see the spiritual and the light (this is God) because we cannot see God with plain eyes.

The Image of God

We see God in the reflection of the image that we are. So, the physical temple that we built was built for us to understand the temple that we are. The temple is a vessel or a container that contains the light of God.

The Holy of Holies

We can not be too focused on the physical since the physical is an image. The real temple is inside of ourselves that God is trying to have us understand. What is inside of ourselves contains a very holy of holy place.

No one can touch this place, and we have complete control over how we protect it and understand it. By keeping ourselves as clean as possible (or holy) by not allowing the darkness to penetrate this place in an attempt to remove our light.

We have to love and be love and remove all things that are not love from ourselves. We have to love with the highest love which is divine, unconditional love. There, is that light that we cannot see as a physical thing but we see the light in one another because all things good are God. The more we reveal our light and encourage the light that we see in others, the more we will bring this light into the world. The light is revealed through the reflection of darkness in ourselves and in each other.

God is about marriage.

They are all marriages. The marriage between God and ourselves, God in the marriage of the man and the woman, and God in the marriage between Jews and Gentiles.

We are all equally, created the same. No one is better than any one else. We all are capable of doing good and evil.

That which has been is what will be, that which is done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 1:9

We are at the end of the sixth day and we have completed every good and evil thing that humanity could ever have ever achieved. That means we know the difference between what is good and bad. We are no long ignorant and can make wise choices.

Time to Wake-up!

When we are aware of what is good compared to what is bad and choose good, we choose to be with God. When we choose good we become balanced. We overcome the curse of the snake from the beginning of time who set this world out of balance.

Through our divine love, the light of Messiah is born because that is when we are awake and are choosing to consciously make wise choices that we know are good. We are aware of who Messiah is. Messiah is seen in the reflection of all the good acts we do through the love that we have for one another. We break that curse of the snake from the very beginning of time that created darkness to be born.

Now that we understand, we can bring balance back to ourselves and to the world. Through all our marriages, we push and pull until we have restored all things back to that perfect garden, which is Israel.

Darkness keeps us in an unconscious state. If we are not aware of our true selves then we are asleep, held captive by our egos, which has convinced us that we are a god and are in a rat race against each other.

When we are awake we understand that we are the highest level of all God’s creations and that all things were created by God who we are in oneness with. We desire to protect the life of all of creation because all of creation is humanity and every single thing in this world. We are a part of everything and everything matters to us the same. We understand that we were created to be the nurturers of everything that God has made.

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