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The Two Witnesses

I think the problem might be that you do not trust yourself. That is because you are not trusting God completely. God is not about doing. He is about prioritizing. God wants us to be free. We are not slaves and we are not robotic.

Each of us are unique and special in His eyes.

We need to love God first in everything that we do. If we do not make God first then we are worshipping an image. The woman does not make you, God does. Trust Him to trust yourself and see how beautiful you are — Then she will also see you too because she is looking for Him in you.

Who Am I?

My relationship to God is different than yours. You have been understanding Him through your books and your sources that you trust. But I have been understanding Him through love. I have been seeking Him in Heaven and I had to sit very still so that I could hear Him, as you do too.

You hear Him well, through me, which brings Him here on Earth because that is when you see Him. The woman does not trust herself. She needs the man to confirm that is who she is hearing correctly.

We are witnesses to each other.

Within each of ourselves is a man and a woman…

[VIDEO STORY] From The Heart

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