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The Opposite of Love is Hate

We are created in the image of God who is love. To understand God there has to be an opposite. We have to understand what is evil to know what is good. If we didn’t know what was bad then how would we ever understand how good something is?

For example, how appreciative is someone when they are sick and then they get better? How great it is to know what better feels like? Only when we see the difference is when we can appreciate our health. It isn’t until something is taken away from us that we realize how good it is and that we want to have it back.

We need a reflection to understand who we are.

The Duality

Man was created on the sixth day, but it is still the sixth day since man does not know who he really is yet. The sixth day will not be complete until man knows the difference between good and evil as it was promised in the garden. Because we were created by God we are in the image of God. We have to know the difference between good and evil.

Man does not truly know who He is yet.

Our life is a journey to understanding the self. The duality is that we are both good and evil — But God is only good. Man was created to make a choice of who he wants to be, either good or evil.

So, since the beginning of time, we have been learning from our mistakes. While we are here we are allowed to make mistakes as long as we learn from them. If we refuse to learn from our mistakes then we remain stuck not believing there is a duality; therefore, believing there is only man.

The Man vs the Woman

We all have a male and female soul. Our male self is our journey that made the path to understanding our female self which is our heart. Our journey ends when the time of the Gentiles are complete.

All this time we have been trying to complete an opposite to the Jews. We have done that through all of our pathways that reveal God to ourselves.

Today, when both Jews and Gentiles come together in love, in how we are supposed to, that is when we become ONE brain with ONE heart.

As Adam was first, he represents life by being the Tree of Life in the garden. Eve is also Adam, but she is represented by the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. Both are ONE: Adam is Eve and Eve is Adam. Unless they are ONE, the ONE will never be revealed.

In the end we all become what is in the beginning.

The garden represents the perfect understanding that we now know (the brain) and, so, now we must create it (the heart).

God in Heaven is, now, here on Earth (our pathways are complete). A King is born and everything has shifted to know the opposite.

Heaven vs Hell

Since the beginning of time, we have been operating more like a brain as we have been trying to figure out the difference between good and evil. Now that we have achieved everything under the sun, we know, and now our eyes are open and we are like God, knowing both good and evil.

It has been a man’s world since the beginning of time. That is because we have been acting in our male-dominated selves busily making pathways, but now the world is shifting to understand its female self. It understands its male self well and is now beginning to understand its female self.

We have been in darkness since the beginning of time and since the beginning of who we are as individuals. We start our journey in the dark. From birth, in our mother’s womb, we are in the dark. When we are born our eyes eventually open and there begins our journey to understand the light.

Eventually, we become aware of the duality we are in, however, it may not be clear that we are. We may not know that we are here to make a choice. Our human instinct is in the dark and may be persuaded by our ego to believe we are not in a duality. To choose from the ego is not believing in God our Creator and is not the right choice.

We have to believe that we were created by God and are an image.

We are the image and God is what is real.

If we continue to worship our image or our ego that is when we remain in the dark never knowing our true selves. We hate instead of love and remain confused about who we truly are.

I started making videos to help you understand this deep concept that God desires for us to understand. If you are connecting to this message and are inspired please help me wake up the rest of us who don’t.

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