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Where is my Brother, my Sister, and my Mother?

I realize you are very busy, but I would be honoured to hear what you think about my vision. I believe that God is revealed through selfless love since God is selfless love.

A man and a woman who love each other eventually become the other. The relationship between Jews and Gentiles is like the man and woman. We are like Adam and Eve and what is in the end is also in the beginning. We become the other — Adam is Eve and Eve is Adam.

Through our divine love, a child, a King, is born. He is the Messiah who resembles both of us. He is our love revealed in a child that we made. We are the image of God and Heaven is here on Earth.

A Beautiful Thing

I think it is a beautiful thing that you are not offended by Jesus. I do not believe in religion as I love all religions. God creatively reveals Himself through all of us.

God created us all.

I was raised by non-religious parents. It wasn’t until I was 25 yrs old that I decided to understand if our Creator was real. It wasn’t until I died (I was suicidal) that I began to live.

My influence was Christianity. I love the person Jesus was, so I believed in him. But what confused me was that he was Jewish, so that became my journey to understand the Jews. Understanding the Jews helped me to understand what the Christians were understanding, but in deeper detail.

Now I am interested in Islam as I believe all religions are all of us trying to identify with the same thing — who is God.

Ultimately, I see that we all have something in common — We all believe that God is love.

Since we are supposed to be in the image of God, I realize that understanding God, in truth, is understanding what is good in all of us since God can only be good. See, I also believe that it is still the sixth day. That is because God created man on the sixth day, but since God is only good, we cannot be in His image until we are only being good.

But in our ignorance, we have committed many evils, which are supposed to teach us not to be evil anymore. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes. As I believe it is still the sixth day, I also believe humanity is still being created. We are still trying to understand who we truly are in the true image of God our Creator who is only good.

I know we are all interconnected, so I am wondering how we all got lost from one another. Before Islam became Islam it was Abraham. Through Abraham other religions were born. But even before Abraham, there was life.

So, I take it even one step further into our past and see ourselves from the very beginning — Adam and Eve.

I believe that Adam is life and Eve is the knowledge of good and evil — see The Two Trees. I also believe that what is in the end of time is also in the beginning. How our amazing Creator defines us in this time is like the man and the woman or Adam and Eve. We are now Jews and Gentiles, but only through the Jews and Gentiles who believe our Creator is only good.

We are the ones who are trying to restore life here on Earth back to that beautiful garden. I believe the man is receiving from God, while the woman receives from the man. He is the brain while she is his heart. I can only know what I know because of the man. I am a woman, but I am also a Gentile who believes that God can only be good.

That means I am a woman twice

God reveals Himself through love relationships. The final and beginning love relationship is with our Creator God in Heaven. He is there and we are also there with Him. We are the woman (all of us collectively who love Him are His Bride). …So, I am actually the woman three times.

I believe all of us who are trying to identify with God in Heaven make up Israel (Garden of Eden, the Promised Land, or Heaven on Earth) who were disconnected over time.

I hope I have inspired you, dear brother…

For whoever does the will of God is my brother and my sister and mother.

Mark 3:35

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Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

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