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The Great I AM

It all begins by us learning who we truly are as individuals. We all were created in the image of God. God is love, but love needs to be defined.

In the Image of God

Each of us are uniquely created in the image of God. Out of Adam came Eve, but Adam and Eve are one. Since we all are created in the image of God then we all have an Adam and Eve in ourselves. We each have a male/female soul. I define the male as the brain and the female as the heart. The brain is our understanding. The brain develops a path to define what is good to itself. The heart is female as it intuitively feels what is good. The brain is already established. It knows because it follows a path of what it knows. It was. The heart is intuitive and understands by what it feels. The heart visualizes what is good and desires to create more good. The heart will be.

But God is the great “I AM.” God is now.


Love the Creator and not the image.

We are in a battle of learning balance. When we understand what the image is then we can understand who God is and who we truly are in His image.

First, we are in the dark, understanding only our physical selves. We do not identify with what is spiritual. We need to understand life by experiencing life to be able to make our choice of what we desire to love.

The Sixth Day

Man was created on the sixth day, but man is still being created as we are not perfect… yet. Man is still trying to understand what was promised that we would understand since the very beginning: the difference between good and evil. For when we understand the difference between good and evil we will be like God, knowing good and evil, Genesis 3:5.

God knows what is good and evil, but God is only good.

Since the beginning of time, we have been on a journey to understand the difference between God and evil. When we understand what is good, then our eyes will be opened, Genesis 3:5. We will ascend out of our physical selves to understanding our true self, which is spiritual.

That is when we are no longer in the dark but are now in the light. We are not in fear, oppressed by the darkness anymore. We are no longer slaves to the world and what oppresses it. We are on the journey to the Promised Land. We are awake, consciously aware of ourselves and each other, creating or consciously dreaming our new reality that is good and with God.

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