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Jesus my Tzadik

He came first of all to minister to the Jews, that through Israel he might be able to minister to the Gentiles. “To the Jew first” is a principle that was followed in the earthly ministry of Jesus.

I Am Not Jewish

Although I am not Jewish, does this exclude me from the promise of redemption from the slavery of the world and what is not God? Of course not! Any Jew would also agree that there are righteous Gentiles who are also God’s chosen ones.

The Jews seem to respect my journey that is unlike theirs that connects me to that same path that they are also on. Still, I wonder, am I allowed to continue to believe that Jesus is Messiah?

Conversion is like a Marriage

Like a man, the Jew is always first. We have to understand and respect the way God created things so that we will be able to know how to place things in their proper order to restore the balance of our universe.

But I am a woman and as a woman, I am second. Apparently, even my name in Hebrew means “second,” which I do not consider to be a coincidence. I never had a problem with being second. I don’t care that I am second since second and first mean the same, in the end, but are just different.

Just as the Jews want to be respected, I also only wish to be respected, for who I am, for my journey, and for the way God uniquely created me.

If I did not believe in Jesus, I would have never care about the Jews or what is Jewish. Jesus is Jewish, which led me to want to understand what Jewish is. Jewish is that part of Jesus that I never understood from the Gentiles since how could the Gentiles know what Jewish is? Still, sadly, in this day, a clear division between the two groups remains that keeps us in the dark from truly knowing one another and from understanding the complete truth of God.

Jesus does not go away for me and never will. He is part of my DNA. Just like the Jews, I also see that Jesus is completely misunderstood.

The Man and The Woman

I see the man as a giver and the woman as a receiver. We all identify with our man/woman self that is within ourselves as God created each and every one of us.

The man is translating information. Like a computer, he is making pathways that lead to the perfect understanding of what is good. He is defining God through words and pathways. He is translating what is spiritual from outside of ourselves and converting it to the physical.

He is a never-ending channel of understanding that goes up and down, north and south from heaven to earth. He is the brain that gives to the heart.

The woman is different. She is a receiver. She intuitively feels what is good. She is a feeler. She learns through experiencing what the man knows. She defines what is good through experiencing good with others. She is defining love through her actions that desire the experience to know love. She receives from the brain because she is the heart.

She is a never-ending channel of understanding that goes left to right, east to west all around the world.

God created us. As individuals we understand His love through the man/woman self, through the man and the woman, and through the Jews and the Gentiles.

Through love, we make love with one another.

I see Messiah in you, and you see Messiah in me.

I am you and you are me.

Then a child is born.

The curse from the garden is broken through our divine love for one another.

There is no time with God. There is only balance.

Together we are ONE.

Please see my interview with NFReads where I talk about how We Are One was created and how I came to this unique perspective that I have.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

#39 on Feedspot 2021’s Top 100 Faith Blogs
#30 on 2021’s Top 70 Jewish Blogs

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