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Keter: Receiving The Crown of Life

In the perfect garden there were two trees. One tree was the tree of life while the other was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In the end everything becomes balanced. When we become balanced everything is known.

God reveals Himself in an image.

The image of God through the man and the woman:

From Adam came Eve. They are two oposing identities made whole through their love for each other, completing a perfect image of God.

When we learn to respect and love the other, we become the other.

In the end, everything becomes balance as we begin to understand one another.

Physical becomes spiritual,
Darkness becomes light,
Self becomes other self,
Bad becomes good,
Unconsciousness becomes consciousness,
Man becomes woman,
Adam becomes Eve,
Jews become Gentiles
Gentiles become the Jew

We become aware of our self then of our other self as we learn to love the other.

The Marriage with God

God is about marriages. Everything that is the image, is a marriage that reflects the love of God. What appears not to be real is what is real. Humanity is the image — God is what is real.

We are in a love relationship with God.

The man and the woman who love God believe in God together. They have a partnership that reveals the most intimate, divine, love. Through their love they drive the other, like a wheel. They are like all the other opposites in the world that drive humanity to reveal a deeper understanding of who we are.

We overcome opposition through love when we understand how to love the other. God is love who wants us to understand His love.

We do not lose ourselves when we become the other. The man is aware that he is a man and the woman is aware that she is a woman — we learn to understand the complement from the other.

Even when we don’t understand something about the other, it is necessary to listen and respect the other. If something is not God then, the blind lead the blind; they both fall into a ditch.

This statement is to say that anything hypocritical, has no power, so do not give your light away easily. The only way we can give power to darkness is if we give our light away to it by becoming darkness — this is what darkness wants!

We can recognize what isn’t God. For now, we have to live in a mish-mash of dysfunction. We have to learn to be as wise as serpents to not give darkness any power. We lose ourselves trying to control what we think isn’t God and then give into the opposite power. We can easily waste God’s power, His light, and throw our pearls away into an endless, wasted, abyss of nothingness — so be careful not to give God’s precious energy away to where it will not be respected or used.

Learn to quietly walk away or agree to disagree. Life is no longer a debate. History is written for us. We do not have to argue or prove anything.

The Man vs The Woman

Individually we are both a man and a woman in each body as each person is created in the image of God. All individuals each have a man/woman identity. We are both physical and spiritual. We each have a brain, which is physical and has to know by reason. We each have a heart, which is spiritual and knows by feeling.

The man is different than the woman. He is logical, analytical and follows a path. There has to be a recipe or equation for the correct answer — The man was.

The woman is different. The woman is creative and intuitive. She does not like paths. She sees the future to imagine what it will look like as she begins to create it — She will be.

God is I AM

He is life. When the man and the woman discover their true identity they are in the present and are awake. They become in the now with God and choose life as they both desire to live for God.

The man and the woman who love one another with God’s divine love, understand each other — They become ONE in the other. The man becomes the woman and the woman becomes the man.

They both identify with each other, perfectly.

We birth the ONE Jew


Understanding God is the highest level of understanding love that God wishes for us to know and feel. God wants us to experience His love to know what He knows.

When humanity learns the love of God, we receive a crown.

He is our King and we are His Queen.

We become ONE in the other.

We become God’s Bride.

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

James 1:12
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