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Love Opposition

God is revealed through an image. The image is love because God is love. Those who love God reveal His love when we love one another. We are created in God’s image to be His image, which is love.

When we have resistance that is when we grow and develop strength. Without resistance we are not challenged, therefore, we do not grow. If we are not seeking to find a way out of our challenges with God, we remain stagnant and oppressed by whatever is that is challenging us.

Learn From Our Image

Love our Creator!

We are challenged through opposition.

Like a bodybuilder who uses weights to build muscle and strength; the bodybuilder increases the weight in order to grow into a stronger body.

God uses opposition to challenge us mentally and spiritually the same way.

At first, we are in the dark about a lot of things. We are not born to knowing everything. Initially, the only things we know and trust are our physicality and our physical environment.

We are trying to learn who we are truly created to be as in the image of God.

What is Spiritual?

Since God is spiritual the first thing that challenges us is to understand what is spiritual.

Spirituality can be both dark and light. When we begin our journey we are in the dark about what is good and bad. So, this is the first challenge to figure out. To be in the light we have to want to choose to be good. God is only good.

Ego and God are two other opposites. Ego is the self and is concerned only with the self. The ego does not trust God or it questions God believing it is smarter than God. Fear and love are also always opposing each other as we are trying to understand what is good, who is God, to know what right, which is God’s light. Darkness can sometimes be very sneaky and convince us that something is good or God when it is not. We have to always be aware of ourselves, our thoughts, and our actions to know if we are making choices with our ego or with God — this part is tricky.

If our choices are completely selfish since it affects another in a negative way, then this cannot be God. God is selfless. God is love; therefore, God only loves the other.

Knowledge is POWER!


The more we educate ourselves to understand the nature of God, the more we will discover our true identity, and the easier it will be to have confidence that we are walking with God.

The more we immerse ourselves in information that is positive and uplifting the easier we will understand how to make better choices.

Like a bodybuilder, we are always working to seek a healthier mind, body, and soul.

We need to be constantly evaluating ourselves and our environments to try to be consciously aware of decisions that we make and why we are choosing to make them — challenge your thoughts to recognize that they line up with the love of God and not in the fear of our ego.

Many Paths to Wholeness

The path less travelled.

All information can be good or bad. In our human nature, we all make mistakes. A mistake is okay to make, but when we realize we made a mistake it is necessary to bring it to our consciousness and ask the Creator for forgiveness. If we don’t want to take responsibility for our actions by not admitting our faults, then we are believing in our egos — That is when we become stuck. We cannot grow with God until we admit we did something wrong and take responsibility for our actions.

The Relationship

Another opposition in the world is the relationship. All relationships have their challenges. Understanding how to love and respect one another through our differences is another challenge.

It is necessary to become balanced within ourselves so that we are able to define opposition, what is good, and what is bad to learn how to confront our challenges in a healthy way so that we can learn to grow and be stronger from them.

The Man and the Woman

Each one of us was created in the image of God. God in heaven is both male and female as He created man both male and female in His image. From Adam came Eve — Together they are one, united, through their love partnership as they operate together in a balanced way to reveal the light of God.

Each one of us struggles with our male/female selves. Our head is the man while our heart is the woman. We each are both male and female within ourselves. We are trying to discover our true identity through the balance of our male/female within our own selves, first.

Through the love of God we find our true selves.

Male thinking is very patterned, analytical, and logical. The mind tries to define God in a linear way. The mind thinks that there is a recipe for every choice — 1 + 1 = I will know God.

But God cannot be defined so well. Every person is unique. Every situation is unique. Sometimes there is a good choice and sometimes there is a better one. Now, what choice do I make? There is not one book or one other person that can tell you what right choice you should make.

God wants us to trust the image of God in ourselves.

It is a leap from the mind to the heart and there is fear in trusting what is outside of ourselves.

We are challenged to learn to trust our minds with our hearts in a balanced way, which leads to understanding our true selves.

Love opposition because if you are challenged it is because God wants to take you to another level of knowing yourself. Do not freat about the challenge because we should find peace knowing that God wants to show us something great through it.

No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.

1 Corinthians 10:13

Always Have Faith

Don’t believe that you are stuck in an oppressive situation with no way out (ego). No matter how difficult our situation is, we can find the peace of God within it believing that God will not abandon us. God will use darkness to be light if we have faith. God always makes a way for us to grow out of negativity if we continue to desire and seek His way. We can grow to be strengthened when we chose to believe in the positive. We can attract positivity by believing in positivity the same way we can attract negativity by believing in negativity. We need to be positive to not be hindered by the negativity of our minds and our environments and to maintain the clearest communication with our Creator. Overcoming challenges will reveal a deeper love that we didn’t know about ourselves.

We can never see ahead of our dark situations because, for just that reason, we are in the dark about them. That is when we can only trust and believe in God who is outside ourselves, to make better choices by believing in His light.

We need to always make choices in tandem balance and partnership with Him.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

#39 on Feedspot 2021’s Top 100 Faith Blogs
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3 thoughts on “Love Opposition”

  1. Beautifully written and presented lovely. Love the image of God in us. The challenge builds character, but surrendering to God, allows our trust to grow. In trusting, there is a peace in all situation that passeth our understanding, but is known in our spirit. Our ego says we must take control. Thank you for your diligent effort to enlighten, for we perish for the lack of knowledge and you my beautiful lady have a vision!

    That is awesome to be involved in such a community and the conference. It looks like it is for women only…

    Take Care and remember the faithful is rewarded.


    1. Thank you very much for your uplifting words! We are the same!! Pls connect with Gwen from Spiritual Community Network. It is not just women, it is all of us. She would love to here from you 💕


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