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One Mind, Body, and Soul

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In the Beginning…

We are spiritual and everything is whole and perfect, right?

Not right, because in the beginning, we did not know the physical. Remember? Adam and Eve did that great sin and when they did, what happened? They knew they were naked. Everything was hunky-dory until they realized they were physical beings. After that, they didn’t understand the spiritual anymore because the physical distracted them from understanding their true, spiritual selves.

The Greatest of These is Love

Life was designed for us to learn. But what are we learning?

We are learning love.


Because God is love…

When we were separated in the garden between God and us, it wasn’t just us who were separated. God separated the man and the woman too.

It was necessary for this separation because in God’s divine love He gave us free choice — He gave man the choice to love. God gave us free will to make a choice of who we would like to be in this life.

We are Darkness

In the beginning, we are darkness, because when we are born we only know our physical selves. We are in darkness to our spiritual selves. We begin our journey trying to understand who we are through the people who love us. Through their love, we are understanding how to love, so that when we are older and on our own, we will know how to choose to love one another.

We were meant to love one another with God’s divine love.

God is Misunderstood

In the garden, the serpent stated that we would know everything just as God knows. This is true, God does know all things, however, God is only good.

Humanity is both good and evil who is designed to make a choice to choose to be either good or evil.

True, that humans are also not perfect, so in God’s divine love He also made it so that those who love Him can be forgiven for their sins.

We Learn Through a Reflection

We are created in His image.

Through opposition, we learn to love. There are always two choices. At the end of the day, we know what choices are best to be considered because we understand ourselves (Shannie is a female, Gentile, who loves God). When we know ourselves we can learn to understand our other-self or see ourselves through the reflection of all the other opposites that God created.

Time to Wake-up

God is Awareness

When we are not aware of our spiritual selves we are in an unconscious state. It is part of the darkness to be kept in the dark. The only way out of the dark is to push against it and not only desire light, but we need to be light. God is active, and unless we act on what we know is right, we can never see outside of the darkness that we are in. It is in our true nature to be consciously aware of ourselves, to be aware that God created us, and to understand that our true self is spiritual.

God created man on the sixth day.

It took a history of time for man to be created in the image of God because man had to learn the difference between good and evil.

Man is created to make a choice. We are created in both darkness and light.

Even if we are completely in the dark, we still reveal God’s light, but we can only be with God if we choose to love only Him.

Both light and darkness reveal the ONE.

We are His light.

Make God number one in your life to discover your deep, divine truth.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

#39 on Feedspot 2021’s Top 100 Faith Blogs
#30 on 2021’s Top 70 Jewish Blogs

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