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She is a Lover, a Mother, and a Bride

The worst thing about COVID is the isolation. I am used to being isolated, but this is over the top. I have not seen anyone for a week and I am getting tired of sitting around the house. I have no groceries and I am missing interactions with the world.

My creative spark is fading. I like to keep up on the writing, but I am feeling the struggle to keep wanting to.

I have been watching movies, documentaries, and listening to tons of motivational, spiritual, and religious stuff.

But I sit here thinking about who we are… again. Poor you, world! This never-ending antsiness must be nauseating to you??

The Receiver

We are receivers and how great it is to ingest, savour, mull over different tastes and textures, eat and eat and eat and eat, yet everything in my fridge is same-old now. I want to look into my fridge and see something different! I want to go grocery shopping but I am not allowed to. I have bought groceries on-line and am sitting here, like I’m waiting around for Christmas, waiting. I sit here waiting, anticipating groceries. I look forward for groceries to show up.

So, the more that I think about things, the more that I realize things. I am so lonely. I have only my own voice that I can hear. I find I talk to myself a lot more now. Me and I, sure do have some interesting conversations — Is it I before me or me before I, can’t remember… keep it together Shannie… you can do this!

I believe in good. I believe in a good God and His goodness drives me. They say we attract what we think. I believe that must be true. If I was always negative, I would attract negative. If I can be positive, then I must attract positive. Okay, that makes sense.

Let’s Talk About You and Me

The Bible is a sacred book of knowledge that most of us will agree is divinely inspired. I’ve also heard them say it is living and alive.

The Bible to me is about you and me. It is a book that we have not stopped writing about. The simple version is seeing that the Bible is a book of right and wrongs. God is the author who has been trying to teach us all along what is right and good because that is Him. Through all of us, we continue to write this book. We are all speaking to each other, every minute of the day. We are teaching each other what is wrong and what is right, to ultimately discover, who we are.

We Are Divine

We are supposed to be good.

All information is divinely inspired. There is something to be learned from everyone and everything. This is the dynamic that we find ourselves in by trying to find the balance of what is and then choosing what we want to be — Choosing either to be good or bad.

So, all information speaks to us and can tell us something deep and divine. Just like the Bible, we have to be seeking to find divine wisdom as divine wisdom is part of each and every single one of us.

We can Identify

I like watching Dodo videos. Ever see them? They are inspiring videos of how people discover animals. They are short videos about how an animal has touched them in a very intimate way and taught them something about themselves and humanity. They are moving stories that lately, I have been serial watching.

I also have two kittens and I am learning something from them. I have always been a dog person and did not understand cats at all. I really did not think cats were very intelligent or affectionate. I was wrong. I really love my kitties and they are teaching me lots of things.

But the Dodo video, which I will try to find for you, was about a kitten that someone found that was evil. The girl who found her actually called it Lucifer. Only a little fluff-ball of fur and as cute as ever, but if you tried to get close to her, she would rip your hand clear off. She was extremely unfriendly and unkind to humans.

Most people would just give up on such a creature, but I admire the tenacity of this young girl who took the time to try to rescue it from it’s own hell. She states it took a lot of work as she patiently tried to befriend it.

What is interesting to me, is that the girl realized that there was something special about food that was offered straight from her hand. The young girl started feeding the kitten from her own hand and talked to it while it ate. She states that that is when the little kitten began trusting her and eventually came out of her shell. After doing this for a while the kitten became tame. Now the kitten’s name is Luci and is the sweetest kitten around…

With lots of love, the kitten overcame it’s animal instinct to be wicked and became friendly and loving back.

Amazing story, huh? Well, this is a story about who we are.

The Bible says that we are the Bride of God. It is like God is our husband. The ones who enter this deep, loving covenant with God, have entered into a marriage agreement with Him — We become His Bride! How intimate is the love of God that He considers us His Bride?

But who is the Bride?

We are all receivers. We receive information from everywhere around us. We are constantly compartmentalizing everything; organizing all the information in our brains.

The more information we allow our brain to receive, the more we will be able to have a better understanding of who we are.

We are a bride, so that means we are a woman. How do we know the woman if we are not a woman? Well, this is what life is trying to teach us. We are both male and female in our own selves trying to understand both through the reflection of our relationship. At the end of the day, all opposite relationships become the other as they understand the other. When we become balanced in understanding each other, then we will learn to identify with the other.

No one is completely good or completely evil because humanity has the capability of being both. Without guidance from something good, we will choose to protect ourselves by causing evil to the other. But when we discover goodness, we can learn from what is bad and become good. This is how we learn who God is and who we truly are.

Jesus said this:

At that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.

John 14:20

We all will become one in the other when we realize who the other is — We can choose who we want to be.

This Dodo video showed me that animals trust the one who feeds it and associates that person to be their mother. Mia and Milo, my kittens, have long forgotten their natural mother and now they truly believe that I am.

It became obvious to me that all animals become domesticated when we feed them.

Because God uses all that is around us to teach us, I see that God is showing us that the one who is feeding those around us is a nurturer, who is the woman, who is God’s Bride.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

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