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The Tree of Serenity

Today, I made the news! I have successfully added an additional statistic to the COVID positives for the day. It was yesterday that the flu symptoms started.

I am at home trying to be as positive as possible (no pun intended), while hoping for better outcomes for the ongoing COVID battle for all of us. Since it is not only catching COVID that we are all worried about, it is also about all the other problems that we are facing because of it.

I can only hope that out of this very bad thing will start to come something very good and soon. I am hoping that COVID will teach us that it isn’t just about ourselves anymore; this game we call life, is about all of us. Until we unite as ONE in harmony, we will never be able to overcome all of COVID’s challenges.

What is Love?

Everything that is wrong in the world is wrong because it does not know love.

Every decision we ever made that did not have love resulted in our dysfunction.

Love is a choice. Love is selfless. Love is learning how to love and understanding that love is perfect.

We are not perfect, but love is.

Love is patient, and love is waiting for us to learn how to love…

We Have a Choice

We are always fighting our animal/ego, selfish self. But true love is selfless — It does not expect anything in return. True love chooses because it knows it is the right choice to make and makes this choice not to satisfy itself but to satisfy a greater whole.

True Love is Divine Love

When we love with divine love we understand our divine nature as it is in the image of God. That is when we connect to our higher self. That is when the healing within ourselves can be done.

Divine love is choosing love that is not self satisfying — It is wholly satisfying.

We do not have to be big, fancy, spiritual gurus who spend every single minute of the day trying to understand what ancient, religious texts are teaching us. We do not have to sign up for a $1,000 spiritual retreat to understand this love.

We do not have to do anything to understand love, because we all already understand it. We all know how we want to be loved, but to be loved the way we really want; we have to love. Love is the Golden Rule principle of treating others as one wants to be treated themselves. 

We all already know love. Love is already a part of every single one of us. From the minute we wake up, there are 1000 ways to love. Everything positive is God. Believing in positivity is God. A simple smile is God.

Whatever is good is God — we all know God.

We do not have to be anyone especially smart or educated, or of any age, or anything like that. We just have to want to love the other.

The Child

As a child we begin our journeys as receivers.

As a receiver, we only know how to accept love. We are complicated little human beings who are taking in every bit of information from around our safe environments.

We are a sponge to understanding what is and what to do with it all, with the guidance of our parents standing close by.

Then we Grow-up

As we grow up, we are challenged by new, unknown territory, without our parents holding our hand anymore. That is when we venture out of ourselves and are learning new ideas from other places. We realize not everyone else’s journey has been the same as our own.

That is when we begin to understand our heart. Our heart is outside of our brain. It is a leap to our heart that we must take to understand the heart. We can become consumed with the fear of thinking that we might lose ourselves by making this leap. So, with love, there is also vulnerability and risk. But when we trust in love we will start accepting what is outside of ourselves that is different, to allow those differences to enhance that part of ourselves that we have already deemed to be truth.

Fear is not God

Fear is important to help us to be aware of danger, but fear that stops us from learning our greater self is not good. When fear stops us from loving the other, then we’ve acted out in fear instead of acting out in love.

Love is a leap of faith and trust.

From our brain to our heart is a distance away that only with faith and trust can we make this leap to our heart.

The Leap of Faith

When we love from our hearts, we are loving from outside of who we are to loving a greater part of who we are, together, as one.

Understanding your bigger self comes from loving from your heart.

This kind of love is functional and brings balance so that all past dysfunctional choices will eventually go away.

Life may seem unfair, and, at this point, you may question love, since, for now, our current way of loving one another, is completely out of balance with who we truly are. Love may appear to be too overwhelming and untrue — That is when fear can set in and the impulse to want to retreat back into ourselves.

But Love Wins!

Love fights for what is right by fighting our own selves that wants to be selfish and afraid.

Love is about making positive changes that not only affect ourselves, but will also affect others around us in a positive way.

We are all a part of one another.

True love always only loves the other.

The choice to be selfish is an illusion of something temptingly good to the ego, but we lie to ourselves when we make a decision to satisfy the self despite the consequences our decisions have for the other. Every selfish decision made never satisfied, it was not true, it did not love, and it never gave life. Instead, it added to the dysfunction that affects all of us in some form or another.

To truly satisfy the self is to go against our selfish nature, by being aware of ourselves when we are being selfish then making the choice to die to it. To love, we are forever fighting our own ego out of ourselves.

We become stronger and stronger when we die to the self as we are further able to identify with our bigger self. We might fear we are losing ourselves, but that is when we actually find ourselves.

That is when we know our true self because we have woken up out of our old self and are now aware of the new.

That is when we can understand what true, divine, love really is and begin our healing journey.

Love is the image of God.

In The Garden

He is life,
A great, mystical tree,
Symbolic in nature,
Eternally free.
She is root,
Hidden, deep below,
With a foundation enduring,
She is a mystery to know.
Combined is the essence of Him.
Revealed is the depth of love Divine,
Captured, perfectly, over a history of time.
Good and bad,
Back to their own identity.
As it was in the garden,
The One tree of serenity.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

#39 on Feedspot 2021’s Top 100 Faith Blogs
#30 on 2021’s Top 70 Jewish Blogs

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