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The Story of Us; A Beautiful Love Story

What’s your book about?

Well, in a nutshell, about how I came to have the perspective that I have. I nearly died and wanted to understand if there was something deeper to life. It is written in poetry.

I’m sorry. Wow, even I write poetry. I have a page on Instagram. It’s just about some feelings…

Well, it taught me a lot. Thank you.

But you are a survivor. A lot to learn from you. Is your book available on Amazon?

Yes, thank you. I love your heart. I write about love too — very deep love. I’d like to explain it to you.

I love it. Your family would be so proud of you.

Well, it began in a garden…

His name was Adam and hers was Eve. They fell in love too, but something happened as they fell in love too fast.

Are you with me?

Yes, I am. I wrote a line on Adam and Eve too.

So, enmity was born.

The enmity told the man not to trust the woman. So, as it goes, the enmity also separated man from his Creator. Therefore, it took a history of time for him to understand.

There are two trees in that garden. The tree of life, and the tree of good and evil.

I see, interesting.

It is a bit of a story, but it involves you.

How so?

The man and the woman are in the image of their Creator.

The Creator is love.

But the man and the woman are learning what love is…

When the man and the woman learn God’s divine love they become the other.

I agree.

That is because out of Adam came Eve.

They are One.

But the enmity has blinded them to not understand this divine love.

He is the tree of life and she is the tree of good and evil.

Together they are the image of their Creator.

Isn’t that a good love story?

But, there is a lot more…

I would love to know all that. Your partner is so lucky to have you.

I am not married.

But I am in love.


I can tell you the rest of the story but it will take a bit longer?

You can explain it if you don’t have a problem?

Ok, great. I’d love too.

So, as it goes, God is revealed through opposition. Through challenges, we learn. The man and the woman are in opposition because of their differences. Yet, we were created to understand love.

God is love.

Amazing, I accept.

When the man and woman fall in love by understanding God’s divine love, they become one another. They become One. In the beginning, their love was naive. It was only the beginning of the sixth day, and the man and woman were just created. The world does not end until the seventh day ends. The woman gave the man her fruit but it was too early… God warned them, but they didn’t understand. That is when enmity was born.

But today, it is near the end of that day, and now the man and the woman have learned the difference between good and evil, as it was promised…

They are beginning to understand God’s, deep divine love. So, now, in this day, the man and woman who love God, know love and are becoming one another…

But still enmity exists among people. Don’t you think?

The Jews and Gentiles have been fighting like the man and woman all this time. Yes, but, today, the Jews and the Gentiles who love God are also realizing this same love.

They are also becoming One.

So, you’re in love with God?

Yes, that is because when we are One, we have a child who breaks the curse of the enmity...

Adam and Eve were created in the image of God. When the man and the woman understand God’s divine love, they understand the balance of who they are in His image. The man and the woman are like the Jews and the Gentiles who love God. When they learn this same divine love their baby will be born. This is Messiah who is the Spirit of divine love who already came in the physical. We are now waiting for us to see Him in the spiritual.

We are One.

Now, the final love is God in heaven who is now here on Earth because He is in us as we are in Him — The same as the man and woman.

We are His Bride.

We are actually the woman.

Our heart is the woman.

When we know and love from our heart, we know the woman.

We are her groom ☺️

Yes. Neat, huh?

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Goutham Kumar Nowpada is a beautiful spirit who I just met yesterday on Linkedin. Goutham lives in India; has a small family, which includes one older brother. He is a recent MBA graduate looking for a job in Canada or India. He has a collection of beautifully written love poetry that he posts on Instagram

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