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God Made Man in His Image; Both Male and Female

Inside each of our souls is the soul of a man and a woman; who is further revealed through the man and the woman; who is further revealed through the Jews and the Gentiles to reveal the whole truth about who we are in God’s image.

Who Am I?

We begin our journey by discovering who we are as individuals. Our journey is our map, which develops our beliefs. Each of our unique identities lies within the walls of each of our specific journeys. This is how our brain begins developing. Our journey gives our brain the structure to understand how to make decisions that feel right. Our journey gives us the foundations that we rely on to make decisions that feel safe. We base our beliefs through the influences that were formed by our journeys.

The Heart of a Man

Inside every man is also a heart. The heart is outside the brain but is the other half of the man that is also being developed. This is the part of a man that believes.

The heart of a man believes in what is outside himself as the heart is outside of the brain. Our brain is what we know and is personal to each and every one of ourselves, but our heart identifies with what is outside of itself.

Our hearts are feeling, empathy, and compassion. Our heart creatively connects in a non-linear way as it learns from others that are outside of what we know yet to be experienced by our brains. Our heart uses our brain to identify with what we know but expands by further identifying deeper with the unknown. Our heart is emotion and feels others. Our heart identifies with outside of itself. Our heart is intuition.

In the Beginning

When the world began, man was like a child. Like a naive child, the man made a mistake.

This mistake created enmity between the man and God, which created enmity between the man and the woman.

The relationship between God and the man and between man and the woman would never be restored until they would discover the love of God. This love makes love and through making love, a child is born.

In the garden, the rule was to go and populate the world. Adam and Eve populated the physical world, which was in the dark about God’s divine love and plan.

A child does not understand and has to learn love.

God is love and the enmity hid the love.

And I will put enmity between you and the woman…

Genesis 3:15

God spoke to a people and revealed Himself through them through their journey. God revealed Himself to the rest of the world in a different way.

Like a man and a woman, God reveals Himself through the mapping of a brain and through the love of a heart.

There was only one man that came who fulfilled God’s love entirely in himself and broke the curse of the enmity. When his body broke it released his spirit making it available for the world to know God’s love from the beginning of time until the end.

The spirit of Messiah is revealed through man’s love. Our love for one another breaks the curse of the enmity and reveals Messiah into the world.

Messiah is the love that connects the brain to the heart, which is a distance away. Now, the man and the woman, the brain and the heart, can both understand how to work in tandem with one another to be balanced to understand God’s love.

God is like the brain, we are like the heart, and Messiah connects us together as One.

At God’s right hand is His Bride, at the Bride’s right hand is Messiah.

There we are all standing in a circle, holding hands with one another.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

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2 thoughts on “God Made Man in His Image; Both Male and Female”

  1. As long as I have been following you, you present the biblical context with eloquence and spiritual stimulation. Your presentation is easy to learn from. I love the spirit you display🙏♥️😍1 Stay safe and Beautiful!


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