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Liberation: The Freedom of Passover

The story of Passover is significant today for all of us. At the time of the exodus from Egypt; two worlds were being defined. One that is good, and one that is bad. God always reveals Himself through the reflection of the other. God wants us to know that He is good, always was good, and always will be good. He wants us to trust Him. He wants us to follow His lead as God knows what is best for us.

Egypt signifies oppression.

Egypt is meant to be understood as a place of entrapment or slavery of having to conform to a worldly standard that is not God and is not who we are truly designed to be. God wants us to know that when we walk with Him we do not have to be oppressed by powers that oppose Him.

God is Love

God only wants His children to understand what love is.

God defines His people by giving them a set of rules. Because love is defined through respecting boundaries, love is revealed by respecting the rules of the parent, knowing and understanding that the parent has more knowledge than that of the child who is learning.

There are rules that we might not understand at this time, but God knows what is best for His children, and the good child obeys and respects his parents.

As a child, we are obligated to follow rules and may not even understand why it is important to keep them. Out of respect, we obey the one we understand to have more knowledge then ourselves.

The Legalities

Obeying rules, robotically, can also be Egypt.

God wants us to understand that He is love and love is freedom. Love is not about being robotic, but love is about being free to love without obligation.

When we understand that God is love, we eventually understand that we do out of love, only. We understand why rules are there, but eventually, we learn to love the rules because we understand that God’s rules set us free from being oppressed by the world.

We understand the rules of love to know how to love ourselves to understand how to love and respect one another. Our love for respecting God’s rules can now be respected in the same way to one another.

Be Free from Legality

God is love; therefore, God’s divine love is revealed through us, loving one another with God’s divine love. That is when we are free from Egypt because we understand that we love to love. We love without obligation or desiring something from the other in return.

This kind of love is freeing because this love is unconditional. It is the kind of love our Creator loves us with and desires for us to understand.

Be free from yourself by learning to love the other.

In truth, we were created to only love.

Freedom is the most precious human value. Every human being longs to be free. Our entire process of spiritual evolution is about entering into ever greater levels of freedom. Paradoxically, that freedom comes through self-mastery and control, as we move from being manipulated by every push and pull from the material reality around us, to being centered in the core of our being and interacting with the world from that place of clarity, peace, and strength. Then we are truly free because we are attuned to the rhythm of the universe—to the frequency of harmony and oneness.

Rav Yoel

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

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