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A Passover Story: Know Thyself

We are all wonderfully made. We all can connect to our true self. We are all interconnected. You are man. You are Adam who is Eve, who receives from our Creator and gives to Eve, who is also you, who is also me, who is us, who is the reflection of God Almighty.

We are each other.

We are His Bride.

I am you and you are me.

A Mirror Image

God reveals Himself through our reflection.

We have hope of His love in everything that we are.

He is the sun as God is light. We are the moon as the moon can be seen in the darkness because it reflects the sun’s light. We reflect God’s light to the world that is full of darkness. Because the world is in darkness, the world is blind.

Believe in who you are as you are light. We are all made from light. Light is energy. Light has power.

God is revealed in an image. We are an image of God.

In the end, we understand God and like the serpent stated, “We will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:5

We become the other.

God is revealed in love. God is revealed in marriage. Every opposite relationship is a marriage. Marriage is an intimate love relationship like no other. Each opposite drives the other.

The man who loves the woman becomes the woman, but is still a man. The woman who loves the man becomes the man, but is still a woman.

All the other opposites are the same type of marriage relationship. Today, we are coming to a place of balance.

Physical becomes spiritual, darkness becomes light, bad becomes good, man becomes woman, Jew becomes Gentile, subconsciousness becomes consciousness.

We are Aware

Religion becomes Science

I realize that religion is actually a path to understanding what is spirituality. It is a path or a journey that we make in our brain. It helps us to eventually connect to our bigger self that is in our heart that is in everyone’s heart and that place is God.

The pathways of science is kind of like that too. Science is another road map to understanding energy, which also translates to spirituality.

Both religion and science were trying to discern God from two different places. God did not abandon the Gentiles and only speak to the Jews. God had also been speaking to the Gentiles. Intuitively, we all decerned God through religious science from two different places through the path of Messiah.

Today, science is saying the same thing that religion has been saying all along.

We all can tap in to Messiah’s divine love and understanding.

The Dirt

It is difficult to understand the abundant miracles that God has intended for us to understand because we have created so much mud. God is only good and God is only light. We cannot expect the light to go on if we don’t cross the correct wires to one another.

Basically, anything in ourselves that is not serving us in a positive way is not God. In order for us to restore our connection with God, we must clean up ourselves to only allow good things into our body, mind, and spirit, as the body, mind, and spirit is designed to be balanced within itself to work in unison as one being.

If we are imbalanced within ourselves then we become imbalanced with everything and everyone else as we are also made up from everything and everyone else.

In our ignorance, we have muddied up our ability to tap into the divine the way we should. There is a plethora of understanding available, but how do we have access to it?

The Hope

Our bodies are resilient and can take much abuse. It is not good to abuse our bodies, but it is good to know that we can be healed and restored. God wants us to be healed! As long as we clean up the “mud” or in Judaism this is called “leaven” in our homes (in ourselves), we can repair the connection with God to obtain a crystal-clear frequency to God, each other, and the universe to which we truly belong to.

We are in a time and place of having experience. We have history and history has taught us what is good and what is bad. There is enough information available to understand what the leaven is.

Now that we know what is leaven, we must clean it out of our homes right away, so that God will Passover us and take us to the Promise Land of being whole again (holy).

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

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