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We are a Symphony

We are not Competitive

Our idea that we were created to work against one another has led us astray. Survival for the fittest turned out to not be a good survival tactic. This is not who we truly are. Survival for me depends on you.

We are Complement

In actuality, we are meant to understand ourselves as a complete self instead of an individual self trying to survive on its own. Because of this old mentality that has served us since the beginning of time, we have been working against ourselves to the point of us now heading toward extinction. If we continue on this path we, most certainly, will become extinct.

We are a Symphony

Together we are a symphony. Each is a unique instrument. We are on this journey of life to understand what instrument we are and we learn to play our beautiful music with one another. We tune into one another more and more while perfecting our rhythm together in harmony.

We are not the individual instrument, but, in truth, we are a group of individuals playing our specific instrument as we sense and feel one another in each song we play. Sure, we are in part; however, our part is more beautifully understood when it is united with other parts of other instruments to reveal a magnificent melody.

We are Action

According to Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Cellular Biologist and author of The Biology of Belief; we are subconsciousness and consciousness combined. Our journeys are our program or our subconscious. We are programmed to behave as our journeys have instructed us. Bruce states that our subconscious selves are responsible for 95% of everything we do. That means that 95% of our reaction to life is based on how we are programmed to think, which has been downloaded to ourselves by our upbringing. This includes everything that our societies have provided for us to understand. Our upbringing, education, governments, medical, diet, and everything known to us has influenced every single part of our growth. We are observers and we learn from our journey.

According to Bruce, only about 5% of our actions are influenced by our conscious mind. That is because what has been programmed in ourselves does not like to be changed. In order to use more of our conscious self, we have to train ourselves to consciously make choices that go against what has been programmed for ourselves to believe.

We are Awareness

What we are trying to achieve in this journey is awareness. We are trying to move from being only information receivers (subconscious), which is robotic, to having an awareness of who we truly are by making conscious choices that serve a greater purpose. We are trying to achieve 100% consciousness or awareness.

We are One

In the end, all of the opposites become the other. As we have come to the place where we understand our self, we can now start a new journey of understanding our other self.

Darkness becomes light, bad becomes good, physical becomes spiritual, man becomes woman, Jew becomes Gentile, subconsciousness becomes consciousness.

We become like God knowing good and evil ~ Genesis 3:5

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

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