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The Limited Mind

The Weather Network didn’t say anything about snow today. I am just glad I don’t have to go to work and can enjoy the snowy view without having to worry about going anywhere.

God is infinite and abundantly able, but what does that mean?

It is true, we need challenge since if we didn’t have challenges then how would we learn? If everything was perfect and there was nothing to perfect then how boring would life be?

We know the physical world very well — We can see it, touch it, and smell it as being very real, but it is the physical that is actually not real. What is real does not die. Everything here, on Earth, the physical, is temporary including us who were made in the image of God our Creator. God is everlasting who is real. So why is it so hard for us to know God the way we understand the physical to be so real?

We have the physical world to learn from. We are in physical form and we relate to what we know. We know we are physical. This is the first step in understanding who we truly are.

1. Learn Who We Are

We are limited in who we believe we are when we limit our belief by believing only in our human, physical, egotistical minds. We know we need to work to make money to survive. We need to make a living so that we can support ourselves and our families. This is what we do, but is it our only purpose?

Since the beginning of time, we have been running on a wheel, but like a hamster in it’s cage, are we just running on a wheel that appears to be going nowhere? Is history just repeating and repeating itself, never really providing any greater reason for the existence of it all? In our attempts to make life simpler, are we making life more complicated? Do we really know what to do to survive and why we are trying to do that? True, we are all just trying to get by, but why?

We have the ability to know who we truly are. We know we are human, and as humans, we know we have limited understanding. It’s time now to ask bigger questions. For sure, God did not place us all here on Earth so that we can simply watch the snow fall or anticipate our next workday or our next paycheque.


We learn who we are through life’s challenges that bring us to a deeper level of understanding ourselves. We learn who we truly are by believing in Greatness that is outside of ourselves understanding that we are a piece of that. By believing that I was created by something Greater than me allows me to understand who I am in the reflection of such Greatness.

So now we go through life trying to understand this Greatness to understand the Greatness within ourselves.

God is the Universe who is infinite mystery.

2. Learn Who You Are

Within myself, I have my perspectives from my challenges from my journey of life that was created for me to learn from to understand who I am. But you also have your perspectives from your challenges from your journey of your life that was created for you to learn from to understand who you are.

Knowing that God created all of us; it is easy then to understand that we are all uniquely interconnected as one being. That means that for me to truly know who I am is to understand that I am not a physical being. In reality, I am actually an image of my Creator; therefore, in truth, I am a spiritual being as I am a piece of God who is spiritual.

In honesty to myself, I can go forward perceiving myself as not being physical but as spiritual, which allows myself access to what is outside myself, which is now you.

As I am understanding God who created me, who is a piece in me, I can now understand myself in you as I can see God in you who created you.

God’s beauty can be seen in all perspectives.

We are bigger than our self when we learn to love our other self.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

#39 on Feedspot 2021’s Top 100 Faith Blogs
#30 on 2021’s Top 70 Jewish Blogs

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