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Stand the Test of Time

I am nothing. I am dirt. I am not even good enough to be dirt because I am someone else’s dirt. I know nothing. I came into this world and the very first thing I did was cry. After that, I made everything all about me from that moment on. I don’t know anything. The only thing that I can know is what I have learned. I am not good because the only thing that is good could have only come from God, so anything good that I have done is only because of God. At some point in my life, I realized and learned just like every single one of us does.

There is only one man who is perfect, selfless, love. He was like the perfect Adam before sin. God is God who is all things and in all of us. In all of us, God is defined. God is defined by us being in His image. The man and the woman’s image complements who God is. Our image reflects God which is defined through our love for one another.

But our love can only be perfect for one another because of Messiah who defined this love in himself. We are not perfect but are made to be perfected through the man who was. This man took the burden from all of us to expect perfection from each other. We cannot be perfect and we will make mistakes. This is how it is supposed to be so we can learn how to be perfect.

I believe that the Bible is telling us that in Heaven God is the male and that we are His love, His Bride, so we are the woman. I read that we are going through life and being perfected, being made holy to be able to stand with our Creator on holy ground with Him to be His Bride.

Do you read the Bible this way too?

Therefore, if we do, then is it hard to believe that God and us would have a child? We would have a child who would come to this world in our image to be that perfect example of love so that we could understand how to love one another with God’s beautiful, divine love?

There is no time with God. There is only time for us who are learning through time.

Therefore this man already came and we did not understand this love when it did and we were afraid of it. In our fear, we tried to kill the man, but what we didn’t realize is that when this body broke the Spirit of the man became available for all of us from the beginning of time until now, and then to the end of time.

We can never take credit for the love because in our self we do not love. We are selfish from birth. At some point, we wake up from the child within and become an adult and that is when we learn that true love, loves the other.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

#39 on Feedspot 2021’s Top 100 Faith Blogs
#30 on 2021’s Top 70 Jewish Blogs

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