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What About the Man?

Here on Earth, we are the opposite. God is spiritual. Man is physical. God created man in His image so now between them is another opposite.

Man is physical and she is spiritual. We learn to understand the other and become the other in all of the love relationships that are opposite and in opposition.

I am you and you are me.

When we figure out our true self we discover that we are the woman. We understand that man is God’s Bride.

But man needed to go through the refiner’s fire. Every single man and woman had to experience darkness just the same so that we could all understand one another.

Both man and woman are dominantly male. They are both very dominantly physical and think dominantly with their brian first. But we have to learn to think with our hearts first. The heart is female.

But what about the man?

The man is Adam and Adam is Eve. Adam and Eve were separated in the garden by the enmity. The enmity separated them so both were in darkness and did not know who they were, but in themselves, they were defined like this: the man is life and she is knowledge.

Eve made the mistake to trust the serpent.

Enmity told the man not to trust the woman anymore so now he was in the dark about what is good and right. And the woman did not trust herself anymore, but by God’s design, she always trusts the man because the man is always first. He is dominant.

But the man has been the one who has been most in the dark. So, the man becomes life by making God his life. When that happens a porthole to God exists that is from Heaven to Earth and it is clear communication from God to the man. God was able to give man this ability through the Messiah who breaks the curse of the enmity.

But what about the woman?

The man is the brain and the woman is the heart. The man has the ability to connect with God from Heaven to Earth, north, and south in a never-ending complete connection all around the Earth while the woman connects to the Spirit of God left to right. She connects the brain and the heart together and she spreads the Light of God in the other direction, east and west in a completed circle all around the Earth.

The man and the woman connect with God in our individual selves with our male/female (brain) /spirit (heart), but then the next phase of how God is even more elevated is through the man and the woman, and then He is even more elevated through the Jews and the Gentiles to make the love of God complete in all of us all over the world that will make us all become one again.

I believe all these things are happening together now within all of us who are seeking God with pure faith and love. I believe we are in the time of Messiah because now that we know ourselves, we can all understand how to fix the world together.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

#39 on Feedspot 2021’s Top 100 Faith Blogs
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