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Be the woman,
Feel the woman,
Feel me.
Come in me.
Come be me,
In me.
Be in,
Let me,
Be in you,
In me.
Feel you,
Touch you,
Feel me,
Touch me.
I’m real.
A word,
Can feel.
You and me,
In me,
In you,
Pushing things,
To a limit,
Cause it’s bad,
But makes it good…
So deep,
It broke.
Blood shed.
In me,
Through me,
Out of me,
In you,
Feel love,
Cause it’s real.

God’s Love

Love is selfless and most intimate between the man and the woman.

We need to understand God’s love. God’s love is deep. He worships us and we worship Him. The man and the woman are an image of God. God is a man and woman in Heaven. God (Him) brought us (Her, the Bride) to Earth. We are His opposite. He is spiritual and we are physical. He is good and we are bad. Together we birth love in the physical. This poem seems very erotic, but it is about love being made physical. This love is true and is born. Like sin was born in the garden and infected the whole Earth; this love is spiritually born first and then we all experience it in the physical.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

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2 thoughts on “Feel”

  1. The manifestation of love in the natural form of Jesus whom the Father reside in. Now this love should be manifested in US. Not in the sexual sense that was given to reproduce, but in the essential-sense of that which is delivered in the spirit! Great insight!


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