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My God is an Awesome God

God is layers and layers of creativity. To understand God we have to think like God. We have to get out of our dominant, physical, linear thinking and we have to be like God. As God created us to be an image of Him, we have to understand God by not being His image anymore. We have to see outside of our physicality as we know dominantly. We have to now identify with what we don’t know which is who we truly are, which is our spiritual self, which is God. We are all a piece of Him and collectively we beautifully reflect who He is.

So, Who is God?

God, as we see Him in Heaven is a man and a woman. This is because we are His image and our image is a man and a woman. God is male. I know this because we are His Bride (in the future). So, God made man (a woman) because we would be His Bride.

In our heads is a male and female side of the brain. God created us with the knowledge to learn what is the difference between a male and a female. Through history we learn to define ourselves by balancing out our male and females selves by seeking who God is. We all have a male and a female self. The next step is to be who we are as God created us. I am a female, Gentile. The Gentile is also female.

The Jew is first because the Jew is like the man because Adam was first. Out of Adam came a woman who is named Eve. Eve is second. When Adam and Eve committed the first sin, enmity was born. The man and woman relationship separated and both were in the dark about who they actually are. Good and bad would now be defined through the man and the woman learning how to love one another again. Eve became the Gentiles.

Heaven on Earth

In Heaven is God who is a man and a woman, but God took His woman self and brought her to Earth. He created her to be in the image of God being His opposite as a physical being. In the beginning things were perfect but not really. They were not perfect because Adam and Eve did not understand all the things that God understands. They needed to understand what sin was to understand love.

To understand the depth of love you have to understand the opposite.

In Heaven God is a man and a woman. Through their intimate love for one another they have a child. The child will be the perfect physical image of the man and woman in Heaven. God will bring this child to Earth to bring clarity and truth to man who is confused about his true identity.

This person is the Messiah. Messiah came, but when he came people did not understand him because they were still children and were confused. They rejected him as being Messiah. They killed him thinking that this was the solution to not understanding, but in their ignorance, they freed Messiah from his physical body. His Spirit became available for man to commune with God in Heaven to remove the enmity (Genesis 3:15) between man and God.

The Child

With God, there is no time. The Spirit of God was freed and was there in the beginning as it was through all time until the end. The Spirit of God guided the man through history to understand his true self as God’s holy Bride that sits at God’s right-hand side and at Her right-hand side is Messiah.

God is a beautiful story, told in layers, and layers, and more layers of God’s amazing, abundant creative love and understanding…

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

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