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At the end of the day, we can look back and reflect on what we’ve done, why we did it, and learn from everything that we’ve done.

I am much wiser, now, than I was at the beginning of the day. I will not make the same mistake twice. When you said to me that it would be okay… I realize now that it wasn’t. It is true that we are in love and our love is real — Our love is so intense that you can feel it’s magnetic force pulling us into one another. Our deep, inner, passions throb like a fiery thirst that longs to be quenched with a cool, glass of icy water. The love we have is a wanting to actually touch the love — To physically know it. Feel it. Smell it. And taste it. Because we know our love is right and true…

The Cunning Serpent

Sometimes, when we want something so bad we make it happen even if it means having it the wrong way. We are good at justifying ourselves when we really want something. Sin is sin and just because we justify our wrongs, it does not make it right. If we justify what is wrong to be right then we have become a god since we decided to make up the rules ourselves.

I am not perfect. Every day is a new challenge but God has given us an awareness of ourselves so that we can be accountable for each of our actions. A few days ago, I parked illegally. I parked at a Giant Tiger but not to go shopping there. Still, I justified that it was okay to park in Giant Tiger’s parking lot because there were a lot of empty parking spots. The point is, I should not have parked there because it was wrong. I realized that I believed that it was okay to justify my actions because I really wanted an easy spot to park in and I felt that it would not hinder the store if I took one of its spots. But if I can justify my actions to park illegally at Giant Tiger then I can justify anything that I do that is wrong.

I will not lie to myself anymore.

When I gave you my fruit, it was because we justified what was wrong. We knew the rules, but we did what we wanted in order to satisfy ourselves. We did not trust God. I was not supposed to give you my fruit and you were not supposed to have it. God was not with us and He had not sanctioned our love.

Had we waited only a little while longer…

But we reasoned and justified our actions. We thought since our eyes would be opened it would all be okay. Yeah, eventually… Eventually, we would know the difference between good and evil. Eventually, we would be like God knowing what He knows.

Just look what we’ve done!

We did not listen to God and now every day is 1000 years times 7 days! You are there and I am over here. We don’t see each other and you cannot hear what I say? When will our eyes finally be opened? When will we ever learn???

At the end of the day, there is only black or white, good or bad, or “yes” or “no.”

Now that the sun is going down and our day is nearly over, can we finally look back on our day and reflect on what we’ve done, why we did it, and learn from everything that we’ve done?

All I want to do is make everything right again but I can’t do it on my own. I need you to be with me.

We need to want the same thing because I am your opposite love.

You are spiritual (in the image of God) and I am physical (in the image of Messiah).

We both have to believe in God our Father first. It is easier for me to see God in you because God is spiritual. God is my opposite, but He made you mine.

Believe in Messiah in me and hear Messiah in me.

I can believe in God in you because God is spiritual and I am physical. You can believe in Messiah in me because you are spiritual and Messiah is physical. And “yes” I also believe in Messiah in you!

All the things that are first become last as we turn from our old ways to become new again.

Heaven on Earth is you and me in the image of God in the physical.

Please!… Say something

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

#38 on Feedspot 2020’s Top 75 Faith Blogs
#30 on 2020’s Top 70 Jewish Blogs

8 thoughts on “Say Something”

  1. This is really powerful! Just in the beginning we want to play the blame game, instead of confessing and seeking forgiveness from a repentant heart! thank you. I hope the peace and joy surround you and your family in this season and the coming year!🌟💕


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