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All We Hear is Radio Ga Ga

God is revealed in opposition.

We are in a place in time where all the opposites can be seen and reflected upon. I believe since man was made on the sixth day, the sixth day is now coming to its end. I believe the sixth day finally ends when we know all things like the serpent said we would know when we were in the Garden of Eden. The promise is that we would know all things like God.

Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.

Genesis 3:4,5

God reveals Himself in the opposition of what is good versus what is evil, physical versus what is spiritual, darkness versus light, man versus woman, and Jews versus Gentiles. When we have challenge that is when we can learn who God is.

The Power of Choice

As yes is the opposite of no, let your yes be “Yes” and your no be “No.” We who love God are holy. We need to be defined as God is defined. God is only good and can only be good.

As we can understand our world is not heaven, here on Earth we have both good and evil. We have extremes of both good and evil that are all meshed in together with one another. If we learn the beauty in what is opposite, we will see how each opposite compliments the other like in a marriage. God is revealed in deep, divine, love and this love is revealed in opposition.

We are His Bride

God is perfecting us to be holy. We need to be holy to be able to stand on holy ground with Him. As hot is the opposite of cold, let us not be lukewarm and choose to be either one or the other.

As holy beings, we have to learn to see the compliment in opposition. We separate ourselves from what is evil and understand the compliment in the extremes of what is opposite to be able to see God. Passion for human beings flows from two different sides of a pendulum at all times. If we love God then we love what is good only. As we passionately identify with what is good we are also tempted daily with the passions of what is bad.

Pray daily for strength not be tempted. He is with us in everything that we do and will give us whatever we need.

In our physical nature, we are driven by our own egos. The ego is the opposite of God. The ego is selfish because its desire is only for itself. The ego loves itself and will hurt our neighbour to have what it selfishly wants. If we learn to love, we love outside ourselves and learn to love God who only knows how to love. He is our opposite and He is our neighbour.


We learn to respect the balance of all that is opposite. If we choose what is good compared to what is bad then we choose only to love God. Because we are in a place in time where everything good and evil has been achieved, we can learn to always know how to choose God or what is good. We learn to always choose love and love one another with divine love because that is who we are truly meant to be.

God in His selfless love lets us make a choice. He lets us decide if we want to choose Him.

We are Her.

We live in a place of opposites. Like a pendulum swings freely from one side to an opposite side, eventually, it settles in the middle. Eventually, we learn to be content in the extremes of life knowing who we truly are by knowing all that is good and evil. We learn to accept only the good knowing that evil has never served us and is just an illusion of having but never actually having what we truly want.

Aligning ourselves with God by respecting His ways means we can now have a closer relationship with our Creator. Our relationship with God is like a radio station that has been off-tune all this time. We barely have been able to make out what song has been playing because of all the static. Now that we have finely tuned ourselves into the station, the frequency between God and us is much stronger. We are now able to hear the music playing much more clearly.

We are able to love God with a purer love now that we are beginning to understand what love really is. We are becoming holy.

It has taken her a history of time to get herself right for her Maker — To be able to stand on holy ground with God at His right-hand side.

She is becoming the promised Bride that God said she would become.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

#38 on Feedspot 2020’s Top 75 Faith Blogs
#30 on 2020’s Top 70 Jewish Blogs

2 thoughts on “All We Hear is Radio Ga Ga”

  1. though the concept of god is an illusion in some extend but believe in god and their power would makes and form the rational behavior of its devotees


    1. Everyone believes in something. Even if we only believe it is good to get up in the morning. There has to be a reason why we do. Thank you for commenting. I always love to hear how everyone believes 😊


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