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An Interview with a Rapper: Cohen Means Priest Biblically (Kohen)

Eric Means Ruler

Shannie: You were not raised religious?

Eric: No, I was raised with very few religious values. Our household struggled with alcoholism, drug addiction, and neglect.

Shannie: That is difficult. Were both your parents Jewish?

Eric: My father is an Ashkenazi Jew. My mother was raised Southern Baptist. We mainly only observed Christian and Jewish holidays growing up.

Shannie: In the Jewish world you wouldn’t be considered Jewish then would you?

Eric: My mother was not Jewish, so by definition I am not.

Shannie: Yes, I understand. Traditionally, Jewish always considers people Jewish by the mother and not the father. I am curious how you came to believe that Jesus is Messiah?

Eric: By being chosen, I suppose. God revealed himself to me throughout the last several years. I came to believe by reading the Word of God. He has given me visions and revelations that have played out to be true in my life. I suppose the most defining moment was when he allowed me to escape the depths of addiction and restore my family relationships. This is something I had tried to do for many years before, but until prayer, it never worked.

Shannie: Yes, from darkness we learn. We really don’t ever actually learn until we die to ourselves and become born-again by making God in charge. How old were you and how long has this born-again journey been for you?

Eric: It was November 24th, 2013 when I was able to gain freedom from drugs. I would have been 28 yrs old.

Shannie: So, now you write songs and are a rapper. You encourage others with your words. That is amazing!

Eric: Thank you very much, I really appreciate that. God has put a message on my heart that I really want to get out to everybody. I do believe that this is a time in the world where it is ripe to sow a seed and harvest for His good. I want the words He has given me to bring depth and understanding to who Jesus is and how God can help us out of situations that we see as impossible.

On My Own by Eric Cohen

Selfish thoughts go through my mind every time I walk away, throw the keys up on the table and slowly turn to shame, let it eat me up, till I’m wallowing in pain, then I turn right back around and I do it all again.

I can’t make it here without You, but my mind tells me I can, walk around in circles as I’m yelling out Your Name, change me from the inside out make me whole again, take this evil out of me and guide me with Your hand, surround me with Your Spirit Lord I can’t do this myself.

I need Your love,
I need Your grace,

I’m begging for your help, I’m tired of these greedy ways, and only seeking self, standing at the edge of hell hear me crying out.

I denied You, Lord,
I denied Your ways,
I’m slowly fading out…

Soften my heart Father cuz I’m slowly fading out…

Walking by myself again on this lonely dead-end road, staring in the distance, searching through my soul, pushed You off, ran away, hiding in disgrace, peeking out the windows to afraid to say Your Name.

Lord, grab my hand pull me out before I’m in too deep, You left the flock of 99 in pursuit of this one sheep, You showed your heart to me, I’m not walking by myself, but in my mind, I’m all alone and sitting in the depths, I see my thoughts play tricks on me.

Tell me that I’m slippin in, do the things I used to do, just wake up and live in truth, make that declaration, as demons fade away, You turn these lies into truths, wake me from the dead.

I declare I’m Yours, Lord,

Eric Cohen is a song writer and rapper. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his wife, Ashley, his son Austin, and daughter Harper.

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