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What if They Are Not Like-Minded?

I am always looking to connect with like-minded! Thank you!

Question: What if they’re not like-minded but what if they say their truth and it’ll benefit you?

I am very thankful for our conversation and glad that you are asking me questions because that is how we learn with each other.

I believe we are all part of one another as we were all created by the same God. I don’t believe in one religion because I know that religion is man’s way of trying to understand God. I believe that God reveals Himself to all of us through all our journeys and belief systems.*

In our limited minds, we can only understand so much. From our own journeys, we have our own perceptions of what is right to ourselves. Only we know our experiences and no one else has experienced the same journey. Our spiritual DNA is unique just like our physical DNA is. We are all unique.

I believe if we can learn to love one another in respect and without judgement, then we truly will learn the bigger person that we are because we are all extensions of one another. God is love. That means God only loves. If we are truly in God’s image then we only love too.

See, society has it backwards.

In our nature, we are very selfish. We want to protect ourselves, so we learn to not love outside ourselves and love God. Instead, we love ourselves. We become selfish and do selfish things to have what we want, which means hurting each other to get it. That is wrong.

God teaches us to love outside ourselves. God is in heaven and we are here on Earth, so the first part of understanding God is outside of ourselves. He teaches us to love Him. He teaches us to love. We are trying to understand God (seek and find) and as we understand Him we are obedient to Him because we love Him.

That is who we are. We love and when we love, we have everything that we want because God only loves and, of course, He loves us back. We have to learn to trust Him. That is what He wants.

I am also a nurse, so I have learned to love everyone as my job. I have to love even that person who hates me because I have to give him a needle or I cannot give him what he wants because it is not good for him. He might be swearing at me and treating me very badly, but I have to be kind and care for him and understand that he does not understand that I mean well.

I suppose a parent is the same with their child. Sometimes love has to be tough.

Love One Another

I love how everyone is unique and we all have our own story. I believe that even when we are selfish because that is our nature, we truly do want to be good people. People just need a little encouragement that true love really does exist.

It is people like you and me (like-minded) who sometimes have to remind them. As well, we are not perfect, sometimes we also need to be reminded.

We all need to encourage one another. 🙂


I believe that God reveals Himself through all religions but I believe that a structure much like the love relationship of a man and a woman has to be followed. Understanding God is about balance and priorities.

2 thoughts on “What if They Are Not Like-Minded?”

  1. Wonderful post. I resonate with staying focused on seeing the beauty in others, even when they have very different views/ opinions from me. We all have something to learn from each other!


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