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I Didn’t Die: I’m Still Alive and I’m Stronger!

We are Unity

I realize unity is the central theme of everything I talk about. We are all unique individuals, who are made in the image of God; therefore, we all have a piece of God within ourselves. We are all amazing people with great potential to do amazing things. The problem is that it is easy to have more faith in the lies that life tells about ourselves instead of believing in the amazing power of God. We fail to believe in God to see the amazing power in ourselves.

The Image of God

Not believing that we are the image of God is a problem in understanding our full potential. Things in the world are in such chaos because we are not believing. It takes hitting a brick wall for us to finally realize that whatever we were doing to have what we wanted just didn’t work for us anymore. Now we have to trust in a power that is outside of ourselves because we have nothing else to lose — We finally put our trust in God.

The whole world seems to be in the same predicament. The world stopped believing in God because we all lost sight of who God is — We don’t know what to believe and we think we can do everything ourselves.

I learned something through my battle with myself that nearly took my life. When I wasn’t afraid of dying that was when I started living. God is selfless. I stopped trying to have the things that I wanted in my own power. I finally gave into God and said, “You know what I want.” Then I loved Him, not even paying attention to my wants anymore, but trusting God that He loves me and He will give me everything I want.

God wants us to trust Him. When I loved instead of loving myself, that is when things started to happen. I started to heal. If we want to be truly in the image of God then we have to understand who God is. God is selfless, so we also have to be. That is the difficult part because when we love, we don’t feel like we can be in control to have the things that we want, but it is just the opposite. When we love that is when we are the most in control. I love God, not me. That is how I learned that loving God meant giving myself everything that I needed.

The Sermon on the Mount

God promises to bless those who struggle. God wants us to overcome anxiety, confusion, sadness, fear, and resistance from the world by holding onto His hand. We need to be humble and understand that we are nothing without Him. God is trying to make us better people and that is why He challenges us. He is making us into Olympians. Training means there has to be resistance. That is how we grow. When we overcome with God, we become stronger. We only need to love Him. Seek and find. He wants us to know who He is. We trust that God promises to love us back. Learning is in the journey; we persevere, and never lose hope that He loves us.

Being Born-Again

We are the people who rose up from darkness because we saw the light. We know that there is strength in the light. We see that the light is truth in goodness — The light is God.

If darkness has you pinned down, know there is a way out of it. Don’t let the darkness fool you into believing that there is no hope. Be thankful for darkness because God wants you to see the light since He wants you to be His light. God gave you challenges because He wants you to trust Him. He wants to reveal to you who you really are. God has something He wants you to know about yourself because there is something about you that the world needs to see — Your job now is to share yourself with the rest of us.

God wants all of us to be stronger!

Our physical bodies are capsules that hold our spirits captive. We are One being that cannot be held captive any longer…

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

#38 on Feedspot 2020’s Top 75 Faith Blogs
#30 on 2020’s Top 70 Jewish Blogs

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      1. You are very welcome. I am glad I encouraged you write more, more and more…lol But seriously I shall return to read more of your work. It is not flattery, but truth. your presentations is well prepared and expressed with sincerity and truth. Have a bright and beautiful day


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