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A Conversation with Satan

He was aloof, only disclosing a few of his secrets, but desperately hoping to disclose more. Seemingly frustrated, he hissed at me, “You still haven’t figured out who I am?” He told me he was hiding there. He paused as he tried to remember that day, then continued to explain how he hid behind that tree. “Yeah, yeah! Now I remember” he said. Had it not been for his persuasion… we would never have known. He said that he did us a favour, and that I should be blessed to be in his company.

A fallen star who knows who you are.

He lives his life over and over and over again remembering every fine detail of it all. Heaven, he claims, is like a village that he frequently goes back to. Every night when he sleeps he goes back to his star. Making it past all of heaven’s doors, he also resides here, on Earth, during all of our days.

He says his name is Everything.

He claims we were friends in the beginning before the beginning. He wants to be friends with me now. He feels connected to me. He wants to have more with me by telling me so much more.

He attempts to describe the atmosphere. In heaven, we are all stars, isolated in our spirituality. We are limited in our abilities because we can only be spiritual. We cannot feel so we deeply yearn for this ability. We have chosen our lives as humans and we knew the life we’d have before and after having it. In heaven all things just are.

He had to lie to get here, to get past all of heaven’s doors. He said he did this for us so that we all can have this physical life too. He said he did it so that we can all know everything too. He told me that sin is not bad…

I continued to listen, but I knew better. To myself, I thought, sin is only good if we use it to learn from it.

God put everything here for us to learn from it.

He told me that everything will eventually be a consuming fire because of the sun. “The sun’s heat is hotter than anything we could ever imagine,” he said. I did not believe that part. I know my faith is eternal love, goodness, and in God’s promises — God would not have me consumed by the sun’s eternal, raging, fire.

Still, I was curious, so I asked him what his purpose was. He told me that I could ask him anything. So, he said his life here on Earth is like being on a vacation. He claims there is a lot more that he wants to teach and tell me, and he was very excited that I was listening, but I decided that I didn’t want to know everything.

He says his name is Everything.

But, I know that I am nothing.

When we realize that we are nothing that is when we find ourselves in everything. We do not love everything because we only know how to love God. We are selfless; therefore we are nothing and only God is everything.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

#38 on Feedspot 2020’s Top 75 Faith Blogs
#30 on 2020’s Top 70 Jewish Blogs

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