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The Quantum Leap

Because we are created in an image of God we have to understand who God is. God is an image of the man and the woman.

The Woman-self is Spiritual

She is like intuition because she knows right from wrong, which is truth to the self. When we are in our woman-self the frequency in our brain is not “hard-wired” as we are now freely able to rewire ourselves from thinking that is not working for us anymore.

The Man-self is Physical

When we are in our man-self our man-self is physical so it does not allow for new paths to be made for new thinking. In our man-self, the path is already set. It is physically wired into our brains making us think that it cannot be rewired. 

Naturally, our confidence is in the man-self because it is physical and we are able to relate to what is physical as being more real so we trust the man-self more.

The Atom

The Woman-self

If we learn to trust our woman-self we will be free to make new paths and follow them instead. In our woman-self, we are not deemed by any structure. Instead, we are always making new paths in our brains to follow that are better depending on our circumstances and what our future goals are. The woman-self is what will be. She is belief and she is in the future.

Our man-self is already wired physically, therefore, we think we cannot rewire it because it makes us believe it is the only pathway. In our nature, we dominantly believe more in the physical. 

Our man-self does not trust our woman-self because it trusts what is. What is is what is physical, what exists and what we know now. If we trust the physical we cannot believe in what we want because we think it is too hard to change the physical.

The name of the game is to love the woman-self first, always. 

She is weaker because she is submissive to the dominant man-self. 

We have to make the woman-self strong in ourselves for everything to be in balance and that is when we will see God.

We can only do this if we love God.

God always loves the other-self. Even in ourselves, we have to love our other self first!!! 

Everything in life to have the best life depends on us always choosing our woman-self even if it feels like we are going completely against what we believe in. She is truth to understanding the difference between right and wrong. If we always choose the right thing, we can never go wrong being in our woman-self. 

He is I AM and WE ARE.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

#38 on Feedspot 2020’s Top 75 Faith Blogs
#30 on 2020’s Top 70 Jewish Blogs

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