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Finding God is Finding Balance

There is something bigger than our physical selves and that is our spiritual selves. There is a complement to be found between the physical and the spiritual. We are meant to find a balance, but most of us are not very balanced, not being in tune with what is spiritual or thinking that spirituality has any purpose.

Where is the Love?

My philosophy is that we are meant to be love. We learn from the bad. We are not meant to be consumed by what is negative and wrong. It is about opposites and seeing the complement in the reflection of what is different. It starts with understanding the balance between the physical and the spiritual in ourselves. We are physical and God is spiritual.

Then in another opposite, God is revealed in relationships like the man and woman. To experience spirituality on a higher level means you are experiencing not for yourself first but for the other person first. Selfless love is the highest love. My theory gets much more complicated after that, but if you have been following me you already have noticed.

I am a deep person.

I want to identify with God. I want to understand who God is in a real way. This game is not about religion except to say that we can learn from religion. Just like religion, we are all our own person. Not one person can understand the whole truth. Truth is found in all of us because we are all created in God’s image. We all hold a piece of truth. The problem has been that we have tried to make everyone see the same instead of seeing a bigger picture in how we all see things differently. We have not loved selflessly. We have been very selfish.

The Truth

It is about learning truth in yourself first and then finding more truth with others. It is about love and the more you pursue love the more you will delve deeper in love. God is love.

In a way, God is very simple, but we take a long time to learn. We are in a time of knowledge. We know what is good because we have a history of doing bad. Everything to know is easily accessible and easy to figure out if we are seeking to find it. There are a lot of distractions out there because the darkness wants to keep us in the dark. It does not want us to believe in love or find it.

If we learn to embrace our insecurities, our insecurities become our strength. If you are insecure then be happy because God has big plans for you. The more we are challenged the more love God would like to reveal to us. We must always persevere and have faith in Him.

The whole thing is all about not giving in to our animal instinct (which is unruly). We are meant to live with purpose by choosing what is more difficult by going against the grain. We live for what is good for each other because we understand love.

We are all interconnected so what I do for you means that is what I do for me because that is how we will bring everything back into balance and understand God’s divine love.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

#38 on Feedspot 2020’s Top 75 Faith Blogs
#30 on 2020’s Top 70 Jewish Blogs

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