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Organized Crime: Learning from the Mofia

I just finished watching a new Netflix documentary called Fear City. It is an amazing documentary revealing how the Gambino, Colombo, Bonanno, Lucchese, and Genovese crime families controlled New York City in the 1970s and ’80s.

Structure of Mafia crime family (photo from Wikiwand)

It really is extraordinary how these five families, through fear and intimidation, managed to control restaurants, construction, waste, travel, hospitals, and on and on, whilst being seemingly untouchable by authorities. Intricately structured organized crime, together the five families are constructed as follows: The Commission, the five head boss families, under them, the Underboss, then Captains, then Soldiers and then their associates. Tightly knitted together, taking the FBI ten years to discover the depth of their organization and structure responsible for committing the most heinous crimes right under their noses.

A Revolution

To take this same idea, in order to rehab the world, structure must be set in place. God is The Boss, under Him are the Under Bosses, Jews and Gentiles. Under Jews are the Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform religions. Under Gentiles are all the many sects of every religion known to man who seek a good God. Then you have the captains who are all the leaders of these groups such as the rabbies, the pastors, the imams, and so on… Then you have the soldiers and associates who are all the workers. We are One big family and when we learn to work together, we can be organized to rehab this world to be good.

It is no longer about who is right or wrong because we all know we have all been right and wrong. We know because we have our history, which is well documented and everyone has easy access to this truth.

Religion is there, which has provided us structure. Religion just didn’t work well with each other in the past. Now that we know the name of the game is unity, peace, and love, let us work with one another instead of being against one another.

Let us be wise and well organized like how the darkness has been when it overcame the challenges of light. Let us now learn from the darkness to overcome the darkness and bring only light into our broken world.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

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3 thoughts on “Organized Crime: Learning from the Mofia”

  1. Very interesting!

    Under Jews are the Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed religions.

    FWIW, “Reform Judaism” doesn’t like being called “Reformed” – it’s often used as a pejorative by its detractors. So, really, it should be “Orthodox, Conservative, Reform” (and, of course, there are others, but that’s besides the point).


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