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A Journey Through History; Learning From the Bad

I was listening to a message from Rabbi David Aaron about what the difference is between being holy and being spiritual. I liked his perspective.

He explains that being holy is being whole-ly. To be whole we have to find a balance between the spiritual and the physical. It is about finding the complement between the two.

As I am understanding more about myself, I am learning that God is not separate from me as I originally thought when I first began my journey to finding God. I always imagined God walking separately from humanity because scripture had identified God as being separate from us.

After Adam and Eve sinned:

They heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden.

Genesis 3:8

God is outside of us when we are in sin because God is only good. As a sinner, we cannot be in the same holy place as God, so when we sin, we have disconnected ourselves from God.

Amazingly, God forgives us when we acknowledge our sins. Yet, we have stopped believing in God when we are so consumed with what is wrong with ourselves and the world. We end up dwelling on the bad, keeping ourselves separate from God, instead of recognizing the good, which is God.

The Messiah

Messiah came to restore the world to unity and peace. We are all made by God. Our true person is in the identity of God. When the Messiah revealed himself he was rejected because at that time we did not understand. It took another 2000 years for us to understand his message.

Messiah has made it so that we can be in the same holy place as God. We have had a history of time to know the difference between good and bad. Our eyes are now open as the serpent said they would be. We are no longer like a child — we now know that when we touch a hot stove, we will get burned.

Currently, the world is in a mess of good and bad. Many of us have lost hope and do not believe that humanity can repair itself because of how bad things have gotten.

We have hit our rock bottom …

We can only go up from here!

In our human nature, we have made choices that were not good. Only by the power of us believing in goodness, which is God, will we be able to make better choices now knowing the bad ones that we have made.

God is not walking outside of us anymore.

When we walk with God-consciousness the physical and spiritual become balanced. When we become aware of our goodness that is being aware of God, which means God can change us to heal ourselves to repair the world back to that beautiful garden we once had.

God will give us wisdom if we are genuinely seeking truth and confronting our souls to recognize God who wants us to choose Him!

Learn from our mistakes and start making good choices.

God is all things good

Recognizing God

God is everything that is good. God is ONLY good. Any good that we know, recognize, or do is God. God is the good in our spirit and in our neighbour’s spirit.

We only know good things because history taught us. God taught us. We need to recognize that anything good that we do or anything good that happens is only because of God. This means understanding that He is here, now, with us in all things that we do and think that is good.

Wisdom is seeking truth through our history of mistakes. God’s Spirit is within each of us giving us discerning wisdom. He has no image because He can only be seen in the good that we do. Identifying with the Spirit of God that is within each and every one of us, is recognizing the complement to our unique physical person (I am Shannie and I like writing in a blog to encourage people). Recognizing God in ourselves makes us whole-ly with our physical selves. Recognizing God in ourselves gives us the wisdom and the strength to know how to love ourselves, each other, and the world.

We are in a special time in history because we have a history of making every mistake known to man, but even bad can be good if we have learned from it and if we stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

We have complete access to the Spirit of God because of the Messiah! The Spirit of Messiah is in each and every one of us who believes in God (seeking goodness and being good). We are all One Spirit.

Just as we didn’t recognize him 2,000 years ago, let us not make that same mistake now. Recognize Messiah who is here now, who is in you, and who is in me. He is all things good that we think and do.

We Are All One!

Now that we know truth, we just have to learn to be obedient to goodness.

Then we can start to rehab ourselves and the world.

Everyone will care because we understand that God is walking with us because He is in us! Everyone will be doing their jobs with the intention to make the world and each other a better place. Relationships will be stronger, marriages will be stronger, and children will be wiser. Every generation will grow stronger and stronger as we understand what is good (God) better and better.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

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