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Looking for Upvotes on Reedsy

Hello Everyone,

Today my book launches on Reedsy.

I am the author of We Are One, which has been a challenge for me to write. Not only because I give my own personal testimony on how I came to believe in God, but because I had so many problems with my publisher, and then once it was published COVID came along and took all my opportunities away from getting it noticed in the public.

We Are One might not be the typical book to pick up because it is spiritual. I talk about religion only to say I learned that God is in all things good. Anything good is God so God is in all religions and He just wants us to all love one another. My book is poetic and thought-provoking.

The church does not want to hear my message and neither does the synagogue because I am not a believer in one single religion. Instead, I see God in all religions but from a Biblical foundation.

We all can all learn from one another. If we would stop hating each other, then maybe finally we would see the bigger picture that God is simply just good.

My writing is encouraging if you like my message and want to help me promote my voice please vote for my book here. You will help me pass on a simple message of love, peace, and unity.

With kindness and love,

Shannie Alvarez

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