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Heading to the Promised Land: A Call to Holy Living

WE ARE about to have what God has always promised. Since the beginning of time, God’s plan has always been to have a perfect place, a perfect garden, and a perfect people. God created man on the sixth day and this day will not be complete until we have defined good and bad as the serpent said we would know.

It was God’s plan that in our demise we would birth sin into the world. Sin had to be complete before we would be able to see what is good. In our abominations since the beginning of time until now, God has been standing close by.

God developed a nation and told them how to be good. He left them with a list of rules and regulations and told them to be the light in the world.

WE ARE all human and in our humanity, we all fail. Over and over, we fail, but eventually, we get it right. In the beginning, there was supposed to be one nation that got it right and one that didn’t, but both nations failed. No one person or group is better than the other.

A Call to all Good People

When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there.

Deuteronomy 18:9

Today, the world is a mish-mash of a chaotic mess from the beginning of time until now as a result of all our bad choices that we’ve made.

How on Earth will things ever get sorted out when we are all so divided in what we believe in?

Learning Balance

Things today have gotten so bad that good is now obvious. We understand that we are all interconnected and we have to work together with one another to survive.

We all can be the people we want to be. We are all entitled to our choices. We do not have to give up who we are: You are free to be either good or bad.

People who choose to continue to want the dysfunction will be over there while people who choose to do good things will be over here.

We strive for goodness.

We recognize what is good and we want more if it. As we strive for goodness, when we make a mistake, we ask for forgiveness and move on like how it has always been.

God is defining us.

The two nations that both failed, realize their failure, and are now coming to understand the One, true, God together. Through the complement of these two identities, both Jew and Gentile alike, a relationship is formed that is like the relationship between a man and a woman.

The beginning is now the end because these two identities find complete, true, divine love in the complement of their opposite attraction. In their love, they find God in each other, and through their divinity, a baby is born.

A virgin birth of a perfect baby who is faithful and true will happen, and all people, both good and bad, will not be able to deny his name.

God is all attributes of good — A Elul message by Rabbi David Aaron

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

One of 2020’s Top 75 Faith Blogs

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