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Nature Versus Nurture: Choosing Your Future

The question has always been: What do I want to be when I am grown up? But, the reality is that we are already grown up.

The Integral Decision

In terms of moral standard: Who do we want to be?

Who we want to be depends on the choices we make, which makes us who we truly are.

There is a difference between what is my profession in comparison to what is my passion. My passion should be to only want to do good in whatever it is I am doing.

Wherever we are and whatever it is that we are doing, there is always an opportunity to choose good.


We are here to choose good. Our purpose is to have a good life. Sure, we have to make a living, but we live for the purpose of choosing good while we do.

Please join Rabbi David Aaron in this insightful talk which explains the difference between what our nature is in comparison to who we are truly meant to be.

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