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The Parent that the Children Rejected

WE ARE however big our world is. Our understanding comes through our perception. We are only as big as what we allow ourselves to understand.

God Created Man on the Sixth Day

From the beginning of time we have been trying to get things right. We started out as children, and like a child who does not understand what is wrong or right, we can get into all kinds of mischief unless a parent is standing close by saying, “Don’t do that!”, “Don’t touch that!”, “Do this!”

All these rules, but the child still has no idea why he can or cannot do the things that you know better about.

But the good child listens to the parent who knows better.

At the end of the day…

Everyone has different parenting skills. Which parent brought up their child the best?

Since we are all in this game of learning good and bad together, the bigger our parent is, the bigger our understanding will be.

Why don’t we listen to all the parents of the world?

If we can see how we all parent then maybe we will learn something from each other?

If I just listen to the one parent who raised me, was it my parent that did everything right? Did we cover all our bases of understanding what is meant to be understood to be wrong or right and did we achieve to agree to find a balance within our understanding?

The world is now talking.

Social media, internet, and TV. We all are realizing what a small world it is that we live in. We also can see, how one thing affects another, so whatever I do, ultimately, will affect whatever you do in some form or another.

We all are trying to just get along with one another. It is no longer about who is better since we all have failed miserably.

Today, let us seek to learn about God, who made each and everyone of us. He is our parent and he would like to see us come to terms, be civil, and love one another.

Why do we keep wasting time not having what we all really want?

See, it is my thought that we are the two trees. He is the tree of life and we are the tree of good and evil. We are in the midst of a garden that we destroyed, but as we are learning the difference (between good and evil) as the serpent said we’d know, we are restoring things back to that beautiful garden.

He is I AM, and together WE ARE.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

One of 2020’s Top 75 Faith Blogs

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