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The Art of Listening

My day starts off exactly how I respond to it — For every action, there is always a response.

Life in the Fast Lane

As you know, I am a nurse and lately, I am noticing an ongoing behaviour that I seemed to have accepted about myself.

My job can be busy and knowing that nursing interventions are timely, I am realizing that I have become overly task-oriented. This means having a mission to do only the things on my to-do list. I am very satisfied as I go along through my day, ticking them off, one-by-one in my head. Whenever something unexpected comes up that will interfere with my plans of ticking things off, I tend to not stop and enjoy whatever that interruption might be.

Sometimes my patient just wants to tell me something unrelated to one of my tasks, possibly idle chit-chat to pass a moment by… sometimes a coworker will intervene with a short story about something that happened on the weekend or whatever transpired since the last time we worked together.

Pause and Breathe

I am starting to realize the advantages of taking a break. These moments in life that have unexpected interruptions are there because this is when I need to stop and listen — Instead of my usual, half nod as I also half-listened to you, while busily trying to check off my next tick-box.

It is these unexpected moments that I realized this is what I’m actually living for. I am seeing that life is much more than just getting things done — It is also about enjoying the journey while I do.

The Biblical Message

The mission of life is really not supposed to be about me, my things, and my voice, but it is really about you, your things, and your voice. Since if I understand the things about you, I am really understanding the things about me, and that is when I am really living because I am enjoying what I’m living for.

By God’s design, it is never about ourselves but is always about the other person. That means it’s not about me since what gives me a sense of me and why I am who I am is only because of you.

We Are One Book Review – FREE Book!

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We Are One is about my journey to finding self that taught me about who I really am and gave me a vision about humanity’s purpose.

I see that we are truly meant to be good people, and that our life is a battle of learning good and bad and fighting the darkness. I see it all like a love story.

I realize that religion is difficult to understand since there is a lot of inconsistency within those walls. But I see that the relationship with God is actually like a love story. Firstly, between me and God, then between husband and wife, then between Jew and Gentile.

There always is a struggle between what is equally opposite and that is how we learn divine love.

If you are interested in reviewing my book or just want to read it, please let me know here and I will send a FREE copy to you.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

One of 2020’s Top 75 Faith Blogs

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