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Our Divine Purpose: Who Are We?

Life is a journey to finding your true self that reveals a love story. The message of God is best summed up through the words, “love God and love your neighbour.” We learn to love ourselves by understanding love, which is God and that is how we truly know how to love one another.

The First Man and Woman

Adam and Eve must have been like children would be, completely naive of an outside world outside of their perfect garden. The garden was like a heaven on Earth. Adam and Eve sinned and a child was born of sin, which continued the human race as it is. Through sin, over the course of time, the whole world was populated. In our sin, we did a lot of evil things to one another, which created the chaotic world in which we live today.

It is still the sixth day and this day will not be complete until we have learned what the serpent said that we would know, “all things as God does, both good and evil.”

We Have to Experience to Understand

Today, I believe, the Jews and Gentiles have a relationship like a man and a woman do who struggle to find the complement in their differences. When they fall in love with one another, with God’s divine love, they learn to understand the complement they have just like a man and a woman do who fall in love and eventually get married.

The Number Six

It is now the end of the sixth day that God created, and a new, perfect child will be born soon. Through the Jew’s and the Gentile’s understanding of good and evil or history, everyone will know his name.

The relationship between the Jews and the Gentiles who love God, find true love like the first man and the first woman. In the complement of their different identities they both love each other with divine love and understand God complete.

God is peace, unity, and love based on the complement of the connection of two completely different identities.

Just Be

A man cannot be a woman and a woman cannot be a man. In this day, even if a man tries to be the woman or the woman tries to be the man, it does not matter. You will always be who God made you to be.

Even when the man knows the woman the same as the woman who knows the man they are always two different, opposite identities. The challenge is finding the balance that complements one another.

Judaism isn’t perfect and neither is any other religion, but if we can learn from one another as the man and woman do and fall in love as they do, that is when all things will be restored.

In their divine love a baby will be born, and everyone will not be able to deny his name.

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