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[PODCAST] The High Standards of God

The Price of Sin

Today we discuss the high standards expected from us as believers and what it means for us when we sin.

Time is made for man to learn. We learn through the process of making mistakes like children do — We learn from our mistakes.

We are not perfect, but we are made to be perfected. God has given us choice. We have the choice to choose good over evil as we understand how to be good.


I know myself better now than ever, 
I am not so easily tripped up.
When I live, breathe, eat the Word of God,
I am myself.
That is not saying I am perfect.
It is not about being perfect.
It is understanding what is perfect.
All that matters is that I was my best.
Then I am

Referring to Leviticus, Thomas and I discover the standard God expects from us so that we can be considered holy enough to stand before Him as it was with Moses, and the high priests.

Such words used by God when He created the rules for the specific sins included: “When you unintentionally defile… , or when you violated one of the Lord’s commands, and even if you were unaware….”

A light bulb went off for us as we realized a couple of things: Every time we sinned we used to have to rip apart animals and burn them along with complying with all sorts of other commands expected from us before we could stand before God. This was for every single sin that happened! As well, the general public were not even allowed into the Holy of Holies, only the high priests were.

How amazing is it that everyone now has access to God and how easily we are forgiven!!


A podcast by Thomas Hyde and Shannie Alvarez

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