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A Conversation with Islam

I enjoy hearing perspectives from every angle.

It is my thought that there is no one true religion, but that all religions can reveal a different side of the true face of God.

My blog post: The Two Trees explains this concept by relating to the idea that we were all made by one. Those who love and seek God from a genuine place of truth are one with each other and the one true God.

Only ONE God

Islam: When you say that there is no one true religion it is as if you were saying that there are several gods. I say that everything that the eye sees and can hear is from one God. Even Judaism and Christianity are from one God, but this has been distorted by people in a way that suits their interests. This contradicts the teachings of God.

I appreciate our conversation, thank you.

Yes, I realize that it may seem as though I am saying that there is more than one God, but I am not. I agree with your statement that there is only one God.

What I am actually alluding to is that God has made all humankind in His image. We are all individuals created by Him who all have a unique perspective of how we define God. We are all trying to describe the exact same God as there is only one God. There are many different ideas that describe who He is from many different perspectives.

Religion is not God

Religion is man’s interpretation of who God is.

God wants us to be united in our thinking. The central belief with all religions is that God is love. I believe that if we could be more open to how we all have learned (from our upbringing and journeys) who God is together; in unity, God will be revealed in a truer way. The way it has been, religion has kept us separated. Maybe, we can find a way to talk about what we know together, as a whole, to have a clearer and more true idea of who God really is.

If we can learn to respect each other’s perspectives as we are all entitled to have our views and understandings of how God has revealed Himself to ourselves; well then, maybe we can learn to appreciate one another. In love, I believe God wants us to be with each other. Maybe then we would be open to learning something new from one another. Speaking with sincerity about who we are and about our history will reveal the truth to understand God who is with all of us.

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