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Becoming One: The Jew and the Gentile

Through my journey this idea developed, which helped me to discover contentment within myself and with the circumstances of these times.

The man and the woman from the garden as now being defined as two groups; the Jews and the Gentiles is not so well defined by a specific scriptural reference. I first shared this idea through my poetry and then I realized that my book was also alluding to it. People didn’t understand what I was saying in my poems, which pushed me to think harder about how to describe this concept.

I nearly died once. I mean, I guess, I actually did, spiritually. My physical body was dying and when your spirit is dead, there is no drive to go on. I did not understand why I was that way, once upon a time. I could not cope with life and myself. I didn’t understand life, but, mostly, I didn’t understand myself.

I realize now that these things had to happen to me for me to be on this journey that I am on. In a way, I didn’t choose to have this life I’ve had. I never would have been driven to learn about God had I not made the choice to want to live. It was hard for me to live. For sure, I would have died and been buried a long time ago had I not found a reason to go on.

I had to choose life to understand why life is worth living. I needed to understand how it could be that I had no desire to live and I needed to learn if there was a reason to continue on. I did not understand why this world is the way it is, why people are the way they are, and what was the point of it all. Mostly, I did not understand what was the point of me.

I decided not to live for myself, but to live with a mission to try to discover truth. I wanted to know if God was real and worth living for. I did not want someone to tell me who God was, or tell me how I should say this or do that to know. I wanted to learn the answer to all the “whys,” but I had no idea who to trust or where I should begin to find some answers.

I was not raised in a religious home and I only knew one religion at that time. I didn’t realize how complicated it all was. I started at one place, but learned there were many places and different ideas from many different people who were all trying to know God — It all was very confusing to me.

I believed in the Word of God. I believed in its divinity and I believed in its power.

I did not understand anything about the Bible, but I continued to believe in its power, and I read it, and I continue to read it, over and over. I listen to everyone because I didn’t know who was right. I knew that God made everyone in His image because this is what the Bible says.

I realized that the Bible is also a history of documented stories from people who are also trying to understand God. It paints a picture of how God is revealing Himself to the world. The book is living. The book is not so direct in its understanding since it is also a mesh of prophecy and poetry. When we read the Bible we are experiencing life and reading it through the souls of the people who knew God, and who were trying to understand Him better to understand God’s plan and their place within that plan.

God reveals Himself through the struggle. Although God is not struggle, He uses struggle to teach us who He is. God uses what is opposite to define us.

The Bible started out with a story. A story of a man and a woman. At that time everything was peaceful and perfect. These people had not understood anything but God who is good and what is good. They were children and were naive to the things that God understood. It was necessary for them to learn darkness for them to know everything that God knew for us to be like God and truly be in His image.

God created a man and a woman and the identity of God was contained in them. 50% to the man and the other 50% to the woman. Then these people sinned. I believe they were in love and sinned because love pushed them a bit too fast as they wanted to be with one another. The fruit of the woman was gone and in their sin, a child was born who became sin in the world.

We needed a history of time to learn how to define what is good versus what is bad and God has been there all along trying to help us discover it. We have not completed the sixth day because we are still trying to understand ourselves, and when we do, we will discover who God is.

As descendants of Adam and Eve, we have been scattered all over the world.

Like the man is who came first; a people, the Israelites, were spoken to first. God breathed life into Adam like he did the Israelites. Sin always seemed to be meddling in God’s plan, but sin was teaching us. Not that sin is good; when we learn what is right, we do not sin any more.

It is not good for man to be alone, so God made man his opposite: A woman, so that between them they could learn the balance of what is good for them both.

It has been through the complement of what is opposite that God has revealed Himself to the world. Through the man and the woman and their perfect love since the beginning of time, and much like that is the relationship between the good Jew and the good Gentile who are also trying to understand God.

The relationship between the man and the woman needs to be defined. There is a respect to be understood and given to one another to achieve true love. Like the relationship between the man and the woman, the Jew and the Gentile must learn to respect one another in the same way. You cannot make a woman a man or vice versa.

Maybe you do not agree with me on that point, but you must agree that we cannot change who God has made us. You cannot change the influences He has placed in our path. I may be one of them from the lost tribes as my love for God and the Jews is strong, but then, maybe I’m just a good Gentile. I am not really sure about my heritage, but God knows who are His and who is Israel.

Eventually the man and the woman who are in love become one. In their old age the man is like the woman and the woman is like the man. There is no religion to define them anymore because they have found the complement of who they are together. This is when they truly have become one body.

Therefore, they have found each other and have become the bride that God has been waiting to be one with. On that seventh day, we will be together with Him, finally, like we were in the garden.

We have become One, much the same as how everything else has.

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2 thoughts on “Becoming One: The Jew and the Gentile”

  1. Who chooses to have this life we’ve had?
    Each creature is created in the image of God and exists because God allows it to exist. No life is possible except when God allows it to happen.
    Jew and Gentile must learn to respect one another in the same way.as man and wife, but also as a being, being part of a greater Unity, the creation of One God, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah.
    In the end we should all become as brothers and sisters of each other, worshipping the same One God of Israel, Who is One. At the moment we should work and help each other to grow to that unity. We should prepare ourselves for the Day that the Messiah shall come down on the clouds to judge the living and the dead. There is no time any more to wait. It is now to act to all who believe in That One Spirit Being Who is the Creator of heaven and earth.


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