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The End of the World is Now

The best new releases buzz of end times apocalyptic interpretations. Scenes of people thriving in a zombie wasteland while dodging the toxic effects of a world war and fight to have basic essentials met are among the most sought after big-screen thrillers.

Since the beginning of time God has had a plan. The plot thickens as we anticipate how it will all make sense very soon. We are at the climax now, sitting at the edge of our seats just waiting to know the ending. God makes man in His own image both male and female and through the complement of what is opposite, the male took on a dominant role.

So it begins, in darkness, a world created to know sin. Man has been in the dark, spiritually and a time was created to learn. God teaches by teaching His astute what is in the dark. When we know what is in the dark we know the dark, and now know what is better. We are able to see what was in the dark and where we have gone wrong.

The sun and the moon in a day.

The moon appears in the darkness because of the sun. We’ve never been completely in the dark. The light appears for half a day. Part of the day is experienced in the dark while the other part is in the light. God reveals Himself in the complement of what is opposite.

The end of a dark world.

The end of the dark world is now because the world has reached its rock bottom. There is nothing new under the sun. We have experienced and we know what has not been good, how we have wronged one another and how we have wronged our world. We can see our selves and what we are capable of that is wrong. So, now we can know how to begin to make things right.

Birth pangs.

The woman is pregnant and the contractions are getting stronger and closer together. Any day now she will deliver her baby and we will all know his name. That is when a new world will begin. That is when we will see the sun rising up from the east and everything will be light and good. The world will begin to be restored.

No more excuses.

We have made our mistakes. Now we can choose. Some choose to be good and some choose to remain bad, but as we understand a better way we are understanding the light and what is good for ourselves, each other and the world.

We can only go up from here.

The Light

Do not be mad at the darkness,
Since in darkness there is light.
A perfect reflection of one another,
One is black the other is white

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1 thought on “The End of the World is Now”

  1. Absolutely, we wake up each day and have a choice, hundreds if not thousands of choices each and every day! we get to choose left or right up or down good or bad. The more we educate ourselves, get out there and learn as much as we can about ourselves, our environment around us our planet and the people that live on it the better choices we can make.


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