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Woman’s Lib: Where is the Woman’s Voice?

Free the woman from oppression and male supremacy!

All this time the woman has listened as she sat patiently beside him. She has been waiting for that opportunity to be heard. She knows she has a voice, but her voice continues to be stifled by his. She desires respect, but when will she finally get some?

The fight for equality continues.

This is the year 2020 and yet, in this modern-day, the woman still fights to simply be treated the same way as the man. We want to be heard! We desire to be considered as being a partner in this journey called life. We want the man to see that God made us too, equally a part of Him — 50% of Him went to you and the other 50% of Him went to us. Just because the man came first does not mean the woman is inferior.

The woman is important.

The man has taken the woman for granted since the beginning of time, throughout all of history, even to this day. When will we be recognized that we are also a part of the picture? When will we be recognized that we matter??

God is love.

Scripture says: Love God and then you will understand how to love. We cannot know God until we learn that God is more than the ego. We are nothing in comparison to God and His divine plan. We only know how to seek God with our child-like faith, trust, and respect. We love by obeying Him. The humble are blessed because the humble are not consumed with self.

Just a Girl

I’m just a girl, 
Who falls in love with a boy. 
We have a relationship, 
From childhood. 
We are like a brother and a sister. 
He is my big brother. 
Sometimes he plays rough with me, 
But we have fun together, 
Despite our differences. 
We are older now, 
And he is annoying me. 
He thinks he knows everything, 
But eventually I realize that I love him. 
And it goes deeper than that, 
I want to marry him, 
I want to be with him forever.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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