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Who Are the Lost Tribes of Israel?

Perhaps there is something in my physical DNA that connects me to God, but I feel that everyone who seeks God, truth, goodness, and love is Israel. I believe that Israel is a “place” of “a people” who all seek and desire the goodness of God. Whoever God is as all who are trying to identify to this good God are the people who reveal God to the world collectively, therefore, achieving the stamp of God upon themselves. It seems the Jews are waiting for the lost tribes of Israel to somehow announce themselves; however, I don’t see it that way. In this day, unless we did some sophisticated DNA test, how on Earth would we even be able to tell that our physical bodies are from a lost tribe? As well, even if I did discover that I had this precious DNA, if I am not a good person, does it even matter? To simply claim that I am from a lost tribe also seems to be a little imperious.

Regardless of the current whereabouts of the ten tribes—whether they are hidden in some remote, impenetrable place, or whether they have been “swallowed up” within the other nations—G‑d has decreed that they will ultimately return in the time of the final redemption: “It shall come to pass on that day that a great shofar shall be sounded, and those lost in the land of Assyria and those exiled in the land of Egypt shall come, and they shall prostrate themselves before the L‑rd on the holy mount in Jerusalem (Isaiah 27:13).”

Where Are the Lost Tribes of Israel –

As much as it seems that the Jews are waiting for these lost tribes to reveal themselves in order for the redemption of God to finally happen, in fact, it is the world who is waiting for them. I believe all will happen when we realize we are all just seeking the same God. We are all just waiting for that invitation to dine with our counterpart at their Shabbos table until we are both full since the total truth of God can then be revealed to both of us.

When we are finally talking and enjoying the differences of each other’s company, then we will truly be experiencing the truths of who we are as God has defined us as who we are from wherever it is that we came from. At that time, we will truly be able to see the Word of God in its physical form.

I also see that many simply reject God and have no desire to seek or understand Him, so they are not Israel. But we are all in different times and places and some are completely in the dark.

We do not know who is Israel, we only need to know how to be light.

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5 thoughts on “Who Are the Lost Tribes of Israel?”

  1. Very interesting, I’ve been so blessed and yet very amazed at what I’ve been learning lately. Been digging for deeper truths of our Hebrew connection as Gentiles and it’s quite a journey. This lockdown ended up being a blessing to give me more time to study more and it’s just another connection to Yeshua and Yehovah.❤️


  2. The question stands: just how does HaShem stand alone as God? Bunk on the monotheism narishkeit. The brit faith teaches that just as HaShem alone redeemed Israel out of the g’lut of Egypt, so too and how much more so HaShem alone caused Israel to go unto g’lut; which includes the g’lut of the kingdom of Israel, the g’lut of the kingdom of David, and the g’lut of Judea. G’lut – HaShem hides his face, meaning his Name and tohor middot from the hearts of Yidden. The survivors words ring in my ears: “I was in Auschwitz, where was God?”

    Some authorities among the Goyim historians argue that Yehoshua could have never established the 1st brit Republic had not prevailed a political vacuum in Egypt. They do not even consider the consequences of Par’o losing his entire army at the Sea of Reeds. B. Otzen, “Israel under the Assyrians” suggests that political autonomy of both Israel and Yechuda could endure only during times of political chaos in Egypt, Assyria, and Babylon. This narrative stands in stark contrast to the Nach prophets. No surprise here because modern historians view the Nach as quaint mythology. The success of g’lut Jewry to maintain our Yiddishkeit, these professors never once smack their heads in awe.


    1. It is very complicated and not so easy to define. I just believe the people who seek God to understand truth and love are what God is trying to define as being His people, Israel.


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