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We Are One

It all seems kind of surreal. I never thought I would see the world shut down like it has. I know this shut down really played havoc on many people’s minds, but now it seems that things might go back to normal pretty soon? But with how much money the Government has given away and all of the store, restaurant, travel, and event closures, I am now concerned for the economy and how this will affect all of us in the future.

You may not be so spiritually inclined, however, I hope to entice you to entertain a deeper conversation with me. Although our views may tend to differ, at the same time, it is great to be able to just talk about opposing perspectives. I like to be challenged by what other’s think.

My book might not be what you would typically pick up to read. I think you would be surprised at the level of my depression that I talk about in detail in the first chapter or so. At first, I thought that my depression is what my book was all about. I think I used writing to vent, not even realizing that I still had a lot of stored-up anger towards my parents, past relationships, and even religion. I really had no idea what my point was, but I just couldn’t stop writing.

Initially, the book was just a bunch of messy writings and poems that I had either written years prior or had written fanatically just after my ex and I broke up. I didn’t mention my break-up in the book, however, there are a few poems like “The Dark Side” and “The Archnemesis” that were definitely inspired by that relationship. As it turns out, the book was really not about me in the end. Originally, I planned on calling the book “I Am One,” but once I finished it I realized it should be called “We Are One.”

Through the process of writing this book, I realized that humanity’s purpose is a lot more simpler than we have made it. My religious influences are Judeo-Christian but I also have a philosophical way of presenting what I have learned. I believe we each have a journey and that everything and everyone who is a part of that journey makes us who we are. I also believe this makes life all divinely orchestrated. Ultimately, I compare the purpose of humanity to be like the love relationship between a man and a woman. I believe that God uses all relationships to help us understand who He is. Even relationships between light versus dark, physical versus spiritual, and man versus woman all reveal the deep mysteries of who we really are. So, I see that a man and a woman are opposites and in learning the contrast in who we are, in that extreme, we learn balance, which over the course of a lifetime, reveals a depth of love that is true.

The profoundness of love that can be found through respecting the law of what is natural is finding something that doesn’t even have a description since it is just way too awesome to describe. We simply just call that God.

Finally, subtly also found in this tiny book is that we learn through time. With God there is no time, there only is what is. This is Biblical since God states that He is “I AM.”

Humanity has a lifetime to learn, but we also have history, and in this current time in history we have from the beginning until now. If you can believe in creation and that there were just two people who started this whole thing, you can believe that somehow we are all connected to each other. The message of love is actually not just about ourselves, but it is really about understanding how to love one another.

So, If you can believe that then you can also believe it is as though these two people exploded, as if into micro-organisms, and populated the whole earth. This is where I see that we all are today. Therefore, time has taken us to now, where there is a beginning and an end. I see that we are in the best and the worst time in life since we are where the serpent said we would eventually be and know everything just like God — We know good and we know evil. I believe we are at our rock bottom, soon to enjoy what is only good, which comes as fast as light.

I still see that there is a man and a woman, but that these opposing forces are actually now seen in two groups of people, which are the Jews and the Gentiles. The Jews who have been trying to learn who God is from their perspective and the Gentiles (all other religions) who have also been trying to understand God since the beginning of time. These opposing forces have also been fighting like the man and woman, but today, like the man and the woman who have reached their later years, have learned the balance of learning the profoundness of what true love is, which is seen in the identity of love God (to know your true-self) so that you can understand how to love your neighbour.

That is basically my book, “We Are One.” Most would not understand a few of my favourite poems, such as, “Just a Girl” and “In the Garden,” unless they’ve heard my commentary on it all.

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Feature image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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