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The Jewish Bride of Israel

The one person that unites us all.
The only man who understood all things.
He understood the things of God.
Our redeemer.
He is the other half of God.

A man,
He is the Bride.
He is Israel.
Israel is the people of God,
A woman.

We are the opposite of God.
We are physical.
God is spiritual.
We experience good and bad.
God knows all things.
But God can only be good.

All who love will understand.
We are the Bride.
God is the Groom.
The wedding day is near.
A day of holy oneness.
A Sabbath Day rest

God's creation is perfect.
He rested when it is done.
God is perfecting us and the world.
It is still the sixth day.
We are all busy working.
Since there is more learning to do.
But the seventh day is near.

We will be united,
We will all be One.

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