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The COVID-19 Struggle

You can’t get up until you’ve fallen down.

When we overcome struggle that is when we learn something about ourselves. We might hate it when we are going through struggle and ask God, “Why are you being so cruel to me??” but struggle is necessary since in the struggle there is something to be revealed about ourselves that we were not aware of before.

Struggle can do two things:

Struggle can either bring out the best or the worst in us. If struggle doesn’t make us a better person than the struggle gets worse. Struggle is there to teach us something good about ourselves. Struggle is the fire under our butt that tells us we better do something, or else!

We might be plagued with fear and anxieties that are causing distress and havoc on our psyche, but notice, fear is the enemy here. God allows fear because He wants to use fear to teach us. If everything was good and perfect then there would be no reason for the alarm bells to go off. Fear tells you that something is wrong. Overcoming our fears is what brings us closer to God and helps us understand our true-selves better.

Since a good God created us, it does not make sense that we would be consumed by struggle. God does not wish for us to be unhappy — that is why He is trying to show us the way to happiness!

He wants us to recognize that we need Him!

When we are in control of ourselves then God is in control.

If things are good we tend to forget about God. When we DON’T ALLOW things that are not God, like fear, to control us then we are the ones who have the power. It is very easy to be consumed by fear and allow it to control our lives, but letting our emotions run the show will only end us up in a bigger struggle.

We are the ones who are supposed to be in control and not the enemy.

Be aware of the enemy and be on guard when you know you are under attack! Don’t simply give into the enemy! Give it a fight!! God will give you the strength to overcome, He is just sitting idly by, waiting for you to ask Him for help. Be wise and recognize when the enemy is near and when he is making his move to bully you into something or into being someone you are not!

God wants to help.

God is standing right beside you saying, “Yoohoo! Over here! I would like to help you!” The bully is the fire under your butt — God allowed the bully to be there so you would ask God for help.

The struggle is not easy.

Now, overcoming struggle does not happen overnight or easily. To have something good it takes a lot of work, patience, persistence, and commitment. You will be tired and may want to give up, but that is when the struggle is almost over, so don’t give up!! As long as you are seeking to do the right thing from an honest place in yourself, you will be able to overcome things you never thought possible!

Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”

Matthew 19:26 (NLT)

When you are in the dark, you cannot see.

Therefore, you have to believe in the light switch in the room — You have to find it to be able to see.

I am the most insecure person you have ever met because I was afraid of EVERYTHING and so beaten-up by life that life nearly won! I had so many anxieties. Ticks developed and tried to stop me from basically living. I had problems coping with the simplest tasks. Even answering the phone was a fear. I became isolated in myself that I had no idea how to help myself. I would overcome one fear and then another one would come up just as fast. My fears made me dysfunctional. My emotions controlled me keeping me trapped within myself. For many years I put up with being isolated in my own prison cell.

I was exhausted all the time and physically tired of it all. I was tired of all the fighting, but if I didn’t stop fighting, I knew I would be dead from hating myself so much.

That WAS me…

Who am I spiritually?

We are alone — We are with God. Our only connection is an outside virtual one.

We have been busily running around, like robots, working, buying, socializing and vacationing. Me, me, me, me — but where was God all that time?

We are still learning. COVID-19 is our new struggle, the bully, the fire under our butt. We are learning something else about ourselves. We realize that we are not in control of the world and that we can only be in control of ourselves. It is time to learn who we truly are and time to rethink what we really are doing here. What is COVID-19 telling you?

Connect with God. Connect with the spiritual. Who are you spiritually?

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